I just received some news from Shannon over at She had some positive/fantastic news about EVERWOOD. Let me just say, that after Monday’s INCREDIBLE episode, I can’t imagine that the CW wouldn’t reverse their decision and pick up the show – at least for 13 more episodes. Remember, Monday is the SEASON FINALE (yes, you heard me, SEASON FINALE not SERIES!) of EVERWOOD. Be sure to watch the two hour special, Monday at 8pm on the WB.

Alright, you guys know that we’ve been campaigning like crazy and I’ve been talking to all my contacts at the network, I was told that the people at Warner Brothers went to some pretty incredible places to try to get the show renewed and they were extremely disappointed that they weren’t able to do so.

HOWEVER, I just got off the phone with one of my contacts, and because of the outpouring of interest in the show, from the fans and the critics; CW has reopened talks of renewing Everwood as of Tuesday (yesterday). You guys are hearing this first here. While nothing is official (and this doesn’t mean the show is renewed or will be renewed), talks have been reopened, which means there is hope and now campaigning is more important than ever! We have to show them how much support Everwood has! Please take a look at our Save Everwood Page and help save the show:

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  • Jenny

    That would be awesome. 😀

  • Wil

    Just wanted to rally the Everwood troops and make them understand that this time is CRITICAL to show our support! If we could make as much noise as possible about our outrage towards CW for cancelling Everwood, we should do it NOW! The best way to do this is by sending letters to the executives such as Dawn Ostroff, Leslie Moonves, and Paul McGuire. Handwritten letters, typed letters, postcards, anything to draw attention to the fans love for Everwood! Check out and for complete campaigns that are going on. People are sending boxes of pinecones with notes attached to Save Everwood, we’re sending piano sheet music (I print my letters out on the backs of these and send them in), and much more. If the execs think that the fans have quite, they will too! So, I’m pleading to Everwood’s fans to plead to the executives to SAVE EVERWOOD!

  • Wil

    Just wanted to add that buying the “SAVE EVERWOOD” bumper stickers or other “SAVE EVERWOOD” merchandise from this site and sending them in would also make a big impact. Make sure you attatch a letter stating how much you love Everwood!

  • I’m happy for you TV Addict, if your beloved Everwood gets a last-minute reprieve. Now, can you help a girl out with Invasion? 🙂

    Tube Talk Girl

  • Common Sense

    A-A-A-A-A-A-A!!!! That news is “Jim & Pam kiss scream-worthy!” Maybe there’s some “common sense” in Hollywood, after all. The CW folks would certainly endear themselves to CRITICS NATIONWIDE, create some much-needed POSITIVE BUZZ, and make millions and MILLIONS of loyal fans sooooooo happy with any pick-up…full or half-season. Think of the cast, also. What a classy bunch of actors: Treat, Tom, Gregory, hot Emily, Chris….top to bottom—what network WOULDN’T want such an immensely talented group on its airwaves? (Oh yeah, there was that ONE…but follow those “second-thoughts,” CW gang!) Please.

  • Hallelujah! I am super excited about this. Keep us posted on what we can do to get another season.

  • Karen

    Gosh . . . I pray this is still ongoing or the Tuesday time slot for our beloved “EVERWOOD” has been finalized. Never has a show touched me or my family the way this one does. Everyone cast member reminds me of someone I know personally (and maybe even a little of myself). Keep praying – we can pull this off!