This Time Tomorrow

Just thought I’d mention that this time tomorrow (3pm eastern standard time) I’ll be in front of my TV (on a ‘break’ from work of course) to watch the first episode ever of BEVERLY HILLS 90210. All I can say is THANK YOU TVTROPOLIS, and DONNA MARTIN GRADUATE! (tshirt is so coming soon!)

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  • j-dog

    Aren’t you always on break from work? lol

  • actually, most of my day is spent on the phone with a certain she who will not be named…. i think you know whom i’m talking about! hahahahahah 🙂

  • She

    what the hell?… I work hard all day… I ensure I am off the phone with a certain he who is named above since I actually do work instead of spending my day working on a blog site, walking a dog, and going for lunch….Here I am 3pm on June 1st and no 90210. BOOO. I am sad.

  • sorry for the misinformation. apparently 90210 is on again at 7pm tonight and 1am – Tomorrow it should be on at its regular 3pm time!