Flashback: Beverly Hills 90210

I remember it like it was yetserday. There I was, eating lunch in the ‘quad, only to have a helicopter fly overhead inviting me to the big ‘back to school’ bash! Man I was excited. I couldn’t wait to take my corvette into the hills to spend my Friday evening unsupervised, at a fully catered party (complete with flood lights shining into the clear hollywood hill sky). I also couldn’t wait for the inevitable point in the night when everybody ends up jumping in the swimming pool fully clothed. Oh wait, that wasn’t my life, it was the first episode EVER of BEVERLY HILLS 90210.

Seriously, what a trip, watching the premiere episode of the FOX show that got me hooked on TV. The cheesy lines (Brenda proclaiming that she’s going to need a bigger allowance), the awful hairstyles (Yes, Brandon had a mullet) and a freshman David Silver looking like he was 12 years old. The episode was such a trip (down memory lane). It was so nice to see the old gang from West Bev. All that was missing was an appearance by ‘bad boy’ Dylan McKay (I’m pretty sure he shows up, side-burns and all, in episode 3).

Tomorrow is the continuation of the two hour premiere. Will Steve find out that David smashed his car up? Will Brandon get a hair cut? Will Brenda continue to pretend she’s in University to date a creepy older guy? and finally, will Tori Spelling get more then one line? Tune in tomorrow – same 90210 time, same 90210 channel!

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  • pixie

    What channel were you watching this on? I get my 90210 fix from Soapnet. If there’s another channel out there showing my favorite high school show, let me know!

  • Pixie,

    90210 is on TVTROPOLIS – but it’s a Canadian station (as I’m in Canada!) You can check out the site at http://www.tvtropolis.ca