Save Marissa Cooper!

This is too good a link to pass up. Apparently, there is quite a large faction of OC fans (umm there are still OC fans out there?) who want to see MARISSA COOPER SAVED! No this isn’t a joke, there’s even a web site up called Save Marissa. The site is pretty intense. For instance, on the front page, a quote reads

Dear Josh, You just committed a double homicide, First you killed my character, Then you killed your show.

Who knew Marissa had such a loyal fanbase? I guess there are a lot of really skinny alcoholic teens out there! Personally I enjoyed Marissa the past few seasons, and she definitely grew more interesting, and improved her acting skills. I think the problem with ‘Coop’ was that the writers didn’t know what to do with her. How many more times can Marissa end up dating the ‘Wrong Guy’ or collapsing due to alcohol? The latest rumour floating around the net is that Marissa will be in a coma for six episodes until Misha Barton finishes off filming a movie. I’ll keep you all posted if I hear anything on the Save Marissa front. No doubt there are a ton of concerned Marissa fans out there!

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  • Jenny

    lol Do the fans not understand that she WANTED off the show? Crazy people.

  • oLi

    ACTUALLY! after the season finale, both Mischa and Josh released interviews stating that it was the producers decision to cut her off the show.

  • Amanda

    Yea, she didnt ask 2 leave! it was an executive decision (Josh’s) and even though she may not have put up a fight about go’n that doesnt mean she wouldnt like 2 come back once she c’s all the fans who miss her!

  • Samantha

    We need Coop back it will just not be the same without her !!!!!!

  • Stephanie

    to jenny — mischa never wanted to leave…it was Josh’s descision!!!

  • cleo

    Summer is a whore like Bilson.
    SS are two idiots like AR.
    Ryan is alone like Ben.
    Josh is a moron like Seth.
    Marissa is the best like Barton and she deserves to stay in this show.

  • dana greaves

    marissa is the oc with out her it is shit .save marissa iam 12 and i love the oc ,she so stay .she rocks

  • dana greaves

    do you want your show to be killed and people dont watch it .you are a idlot

  • IReNe

    COOP IS THE O.C……fox,please,SAVE COOP!!!!!!

  • Mandy

    Marissa is gone YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

  • Mandy

    Dind Dong The Witch Is Dead
    The Wicked Witch is DEAD
    Marissa haters are throwing a party!!

  • Mady

    Marissa is Gone
    Move on!
    Celebration is on
    Come on!

  • Christine

    I just wanted to say that the oc sucks without Marissa i just saw the season premier and shes really dead, im never gonna watch the show again, i cant belive that asshole josh he ruined everything, he killed Marissa and he killed his own show.U dont do that to fans that have been watching the show for three years now even when the ratings were shit and the episodes werent that great.Its not fair to do that to fans!I hate u and i hate the oc and ill make sure to tell everyone i know to stop watching it as well and i hope ur show get cut off after a few episodes.