Bad News for EVERWOOD

According to Scoop God Michael Ausiello:

Hate to be a buzzkill, but that rumor floating around about Everwood possibly getting an 11th-hour reprieve from the CW is “not true,” says executive producer Rina Mimoun. “The sets have been torn down already.” A rep for the CW also denied that talks to bring Everwood back for a fifth season were underway. In fact, the WB put out a press release late yesterday plugging Monday’s two-hour “series finale.”

All that said, I see no reason to halt the “Save Everwood” movement. Keep signing those petitions and writing those letters. Heck, go rent a blimp and park it over Dawn Ostroff’s house. But most importantly, watch Monday’s finale, and urge your friends ane enemies — especially those with Nielsen boxes — to do the same. All we need is 7 million folks to do so and Ostroff will have no choice but to reverse her decision.


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  • Wil

    I think Ausiello may know more than he’s letting on, considering the encouragement for the campaign to continue!!! Ausiello definately wouldn’t still be encouraging to fight if there was no chance! Like I said before, I completely stand behind’s inside source saying that the talks have been reopened and renegotiations are taking place. And again, they wouldn’t confirm these negotiations until something was final! That’s just good Public Relations work in general! It’s all how the industry works! Again, Rina Mimoun would have no idea what was going on. She was leaving Everwood after this season no matter what, and that was reported long ago. Sets being torn down, which I bet they are, is no big deal. As long as they weren’t destroyed, they can be put back together. I highly doubt they would destroy them because set pieces are sometimes passed on to other pilot shows that get filmed. So, overall, I’d say things are still looking good. It’s all up to us fans right now!!!

    1. Make sure everyone you know watches the Finale (Nielsen Boxes and DVR people in particular!)

    2. Get to sending those Letters, Pinecones, Sheet Music, Bumper Stickers, e-mails etc.

    3. Help get the word out by having your local Radio Stations advertising this huge Save Everwood Campaign and especially the 2 hour Finale starting an hour earlier than usual!

    4. Sign petitions and take polls. Make sure others do the same.

    5. Spread the word about this Veronica Mars/Everwood/Supernatural Fan Swap idea where the fans help one another out with all of the above.


  • Shannon

    I just want to add my 2 cents worth to the Ausiello news. Remember back right before the upfronts? There were a couple rumors of 7th Heaven getting picked back up on the Entertainment news sites but after the report of talks – they always either said – NO COMMENT FROM THE CW at this time – or they said – THE CW REPS HAVE DENIED THIS. I remember both things clearly – because at the time we were all thinking it was a joke – bc honestly – who ever thought they were going to renew 7th Heaven?! But we all saw what happened there!

    So – what does this mean? – OF COURSE THEY AREN’T GOING TO ADMIT TO TALKS YET!! You never admit to negotiations that might fail!! If they fail – you look weaker or inept. So you never put out info about “possible negotiations”. And I agree about the secret little encouragement from Ausiello – I think he may know more than he’s letting on. Last week – before all this news – he pretty much told us to give it up – and now this week he’s encouraging us to continue?!! I’m thinking there is still a chance!! Keep fighting!!


  • Shannon, Well Said.