BATTLESTAR deserves an Emmy!

If there is one show that will likely be snubbed by the Emmy voters it’s TV’s most daring drama, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA. Sadly, Sci-Fi shows pretty much get zero respect from voters – regardless of the fact that BSG transcends the sci-fi genre. After-all, why would an emmy voter award original and exciting material when they can give old favourites like LAW & ORDER its 100th emmy nod. Check out the great ‘For Your Consideration’ page that Sci-Fi has thoughtfully put online. You can see clips from all of our favorite Capricans (and perhaps a cylon or two as well!). Click here to view the page. Special thanks to ‘Thors’ for the tip!

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  • Knew you’d love it! It really is Frakking amazing! And apollo in a towel… hot business! Give his torso an Emmy.

  • We can only hope. I having this sick feeling (like I had when I predicted to my friends that Everwood would not make it to CW) that it will be snubbed this year come Emmy time. The Emmy voters have not had a good run (Will and Grace, who else came back just for the finale?), so I think what we should do is rally for it. Nothing beats getting a good word out there about an amazing series like this (shamless plug: I named it the second best show of the past season on Watch with Intelligence).


  • Frack yea!

    I was a latecomer to BSG. A friend showed me the miniseries over at his house and afterward I quickly bought the Season 1 DVD set. I watched the whole thing within a few days and instantly started downloading Season 2 (I plan on buying a complete Season 2 set when it’s available). I managed to get through all of season 2 just in time for the finale which I watched live on Sci-Fi… only problem is now I have to wait til October for season 3 when I blew through all those episodes within 2 weeks.

    PS: Ducky, If Jamie Bamber doesn’t win the “Best nude man wrapped in towel” award, I think I may have to riot. 😛