BIG LOVE’s big finale

Just thought I’d remind everyone, tonight is the season finale of HBO’s addicting drama BIG LOVE. According to the press release:

Bill and Joey blindside Roman at a UEB Priesthood Council meeting, turning the tables on the Prophet-but will their triumph be short-lived? Wanda’s bad habits resurface during a visit from Alby; Adaleen puts an abrupt end to Rhonda’s thespian sabbatical; Nicki’s family allegiances are put to the test; and Barb seizes the spotlight during the Mother of the Year award ceremony at the governor’s mansion.

All I know is that BIG LOVE has enthralled me since the series premiere. I love watching Bill, Margene, Nicki and Barb struggle to maintain some semblance of normalcy in their everyday lives as ‘secret’ polygamists in Utah. I can’t wait to see Bill finally gain the upper hand against the incredibly evil (and fun to watch) Roman Grant.

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