Everwood Series Finale Reflections

In honour of the two hour series final of EVERWOOD, I thought I’d take a moment to reflect on some of the reasons why EVERWOOD is TV’s best drama. Please remember to watch the two hour series finale, tonight at 8-10pm on the WB.

Realistic Relationships: Whether it was father & son issues between Andy and Ephram, or a friendly male rivalry between Dr. Brown and Dr. Abbot, no show portrayed relationships in such a realistic and heartfelt manner as EVERWOOD. The relationships between the denizens of EVERWOOD is what made the town such a special place, and what kept us coming back week after week.

The First Season Finale: Colin’s life was on the line. Thankfully, a reluctant Dr. Andy Brown (world renowned brain surgeon) agrees to operate. As the finale concludes, Andy walked out of the operating room to a waiting room filled with family and friends. His expression was one of neither happiness or sorrow. The episode ended on a cliffhanger, and we would only find out the results of the surgery in the Fall’s second season premiere. (It was way too long a wait!)

Expect the Unexpected: EVERWOOD never took the easy way out. Instead of choosing the ‘tv fix’, EVERWOOD’s writers choose to have Colin die on the operating table. Such a bold decision would drive the story for most of the second season. Colin’s death shocked the small little town, as if they lost their favourite son. Andy fell off his pedestal, Amy spiraled out of control, and the town dealt with the fact that nothing would ever be the same.

Ephram & Amy: From the first episode, we knew that Ephram & Amy were meant for eachother. For two seasons, the writers managed to find reasons to keep them apart. Be it a coma boy, a bad boy, or a really hot drummer (Madison), our two favourite teens just couldn’t get together. As the second season came to a close, our two star crossed lovers finally acknowledged their feelings. Yet of course, in typical EVERWOOD fashion, they were destined to spend the summer apart (as Ephram was off to New York for Julliard training). Thankfully, Amy hopped on a plane to join him (definitely one of my personal favourite moments!)

Bright & Hannah: It took a brainy girl (with glasses!) to transform Bright Abott from a stereotypical high school bully/womanizer to the thoughtful, funny and engaging character we see now. As the series reached what would ultimately be its final season, Bright and Hannah became the highlight of each episode. Their chemistry was undeniable and their conversations adorable. You could always count on Hannah to bring out the best in Bright.

Guest Stars Done Right: EVERWOOD never pandered to its audience. The writers rarely succumbed to cheesy stunt casting (unlike the rest of TV). When special guest stars were brought in, they always fit perfectly into place. Be it James Earl Jones, Jane Krakowski, and/or Kelly Carlson, the guest stars served the story, not the other way around.

While I could continue writing for hours on why I love EVERWOOD, I’ll end by thanking creators Greg Berlanti and showrunning goddess Rina Mimoun, along with the entire cast and crew. Thank you for bringing us four incredible seasons of EVERWOOD. Eighty-eight episodes of dramatic, surprising, heartfelt, and brilliantly written and acted drama. Everwood will be missed, please feel free to post your favourite moments below.

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  • You forgot to mention ANNE HECHE! Who was just incredibly refreshing and painfully real when she guested! And also Marcia Cross as the AIDS stricken Linda Abbott! Both great great relationships for Andy and great guest stars!

  • duckyxdale…. fantastic point! you could forget bother Marcia Cross (Kimberly moves to Everwood?!?!) and Anne (call me crazy) Heche… Both were great additions to EVERWOOD, yet I considered them more of seasoned ‘regulars’ then guest stars!!! 🙂

  • La

    As crazy as Heche is, I have to give her credit for good acting in that role because I don’t think the writers gave her a lot to work with. I loved Linda, though! All the greats come through Everwood before they go on to their own series. Anyway, I was wondering where you got that full page Everwood ad. Is it from a trade paper? Variety? Thanks!

  • Kellie

    i missed the last show, I had to work and my DVR didnt record the show for some reason. Please tell me where i can see this show??? PLEASE DONT CANCEL EVERWOOD!!!

  • Gwynn Coffey

    I am hearbroken that they have canceled the series and I missed the final episode. Any ideas if it will show again or how to obtain copy?

  • Saundra Melanocn

    How can you take off a series this good??? If the viewing in your “poll” was a little low perhaps it’s because it came on a zero dark thirty and most younger viewers don’t get a chance to watch it. However, when American Idol hit a “whopping” 4 million viewers it was thought to be terrific – yahoo sign on for another year. I don’t get it.

  • Lena Shepard

    Why do you have to take off a good show. We lost 7th Heaven and now Everwood. I am sick of watching bloddy shows and killings. Why do you not leave it up to the public to decide if these show should be canceled. Will you put out series 2,3 and so on, on DVD? If anybody should be cancel it should be the people at WB2.