TV’s finest family drama signed off tonight with a phenomenal two hour finale. Showrunner Rina Mimoun kept her promise. ensuring that the characters we’ve come to know and love throughout the past four years got a fitting send-off. Every lead had their moment to shine. Be it Delia with her Bat Mitzvah, Harold and Rose and their baby, Bright and Hannah, and of course, my personal favourites: Andy & Nina and Ephram & Amy.

The finale, appropriately titled ‘FOREVERWOOD’ was the perfect mix of emotion and humor (loved Amy’s new term for Ephram’s relationship: ‘Stephram’). So I’ll just get right to, listing off my favourite moments:

The ending: A grand gesture was enough to solidify our favourite couple. From the moment they met, we all knew that Ephram & Amy were meant for eachother. Their final scene (Ferris wheel and all) was the ideal ending to a perfect show.

Andy’s Proposal: The proposal we’ve waited a season for finally became a reality. It was so nice to see Andy finally happy. The show started with a heartbroken Andy, and ended on the perfect note – Andy finally learning to Love again. I’d be remiss if I also didn’t mention Andy’s scene at Julia’s tombstone. That scene is definitely Treat Williams’ Emmy clip. It’s unfortunate that Emmy Voters don’t show the WB any respect!

Edna: I have never felt as closely connected to Edna as I have since Irv’s death. Her emotional breakdown at the end of last week’s episode was one of the most painful moments EVERWOOD has ever had (and the show’s had a lot of them). I loved how Harold and Rose invited Edna to live in their house. I’ll sleep better at night knowing that Edna isn’t driving an RV alone across America!

Bright & Hannah: The cuteness of this couple can’t be overstated. I loved watching them grow together throughout the past season. It was so nice to see Bright encourage Hannah to go to Notre Dame (I really didn’t want Hannah to pull a ‘FELICITY’). It was even nicer to see Hannah stay in EVERWOOD, accepting a spot at A&M. Who’s with me on a Bright & Hannah spin-off!

Delia’s Bat Mitzvah: Britney Cameo Alart! So nice to see Britney get a candle at Delia’s Bat. It was also fantastic to see Delia dedicate a candle to her dear departed mom. Delia has really grown up over the past season, and I have no doubt, thanks to Andy’s strong parenting, she’ll avoid the pitfalls of ‘Mean Girls’.

I’ll end off by saying it was so great how EVERWOOD’s writers prepared a proper finale (just in case). While I’m sad the show wasn’t picked up for a much deserved fifth season. I’m so pleased with how it ended (and Delia got a pony!)

Final note: I was disgusted with the incessant promotion for next season’s ‘hit shows’ on the CW. Could the WB have aired that promo anymore? It is yet another reminder that the CW has thrown away TV’s best family drama in favour of ONE TREE HILL.

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  • Alright, can we put this show to rest now? I love the site but I’m kinda sick of hearing about it all the time 😛

  • Tim,

    Best Show Ever. I’ll never shut up until Dawn Ostroff comes over and throws me out of my apartment (literally!). But seriously, I’ll stop soon. 🙂

  • magieyT

    i have to say, everything i hated about last week’s episode was almost forgotten about with how great this 2 parter finale was. sure, it was cheesy at the end but it was so needed! i’m only mad that jake actually broke up with nina, not the other way…but oh, amy and ephraim. rest in peace, everwood.

  • angela

    Awesome Ending> Loved it. I ‘m going to miss it sooooooooooooo much. Great, Great writting.

  • Common Sense

    It will be great to relive the series on ABC Family, where I’m sure it will quickly become the top-rated show on the cable-net. With all of that added exposure and new fans discovering Everwood, the synergy could’ve been a huge boost for the new season on The CW. Opportunities lost; hope that trend doesn’t continue. Or….maybe I just don’t give a crap anymore. CW ought to be more concerned about alienating intelligent viewers.

    Amy and Ephram…has there ever been a more special couple on TV?

  • I wish I got ABC family in Canada… hopefully some network will pick it up. I truly believe that EVERWOOD will be re-discovered in syndication… leading to the eventual release of seasons 2-4 on DVD. I do believe EVERWOOD fans really should be focusing our energy on getting the DVD’s released….. how this incredible show isn’t on apart of my DVD collection right now is crazyness!

  • Tim, seriously? Wow. Should we talk about Deal or No Deal? It’s the finale of one of televisions best shows, it deserves a little airtime!

    TVAddict, I thought for sure you would have written much more. I couldn’t stop myself and somehow wrote a book on it this morning. I was a blubbering mess by the end of the episode and was just so damn happy it ended on quite the high! Head on over to my site if you want to read my dthoughts – lots of thoughts!

  • duckyxdale.. i could have gone on for hours, that why I podcast.. hurts the hand less. check it out to hear my comments! I will be sure to check out your site right… now!

  • Wil

    Thought I would share this info with everyone!


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  • Great tribute! God, I am going to miss this show so much. Boo CW! Yay Everwood! I love that the show went out with such an excellent episode.

  • Tim

    Is it weird that I am so happy that Delia got her pony? I mean, that was just a perfect scene, no matter how simple it was. It said so much about who Andy had become.

    I agree about the CW running constant ads for new shows. I felt like punching a wall by the end. It was such a slap in the face.

  • Vanessa

    I’m a little late in getting to this, but what a great finale! I can’t wait to catch the beginning on ABC Family (or DVD…). I agree with all of your comments in the main post. Although I am disappointed that you failed to mention here and in the podcast who Stephanie (of Stephram) was! Anyone else recognize her from the fantastic show Battlestar Galactica? It was Kat!