Bill Ecklund of has written an eloquent summary of tonight’s season finale. I thought I’d share it all with you.

It was probably wishful thinking to title this finale episode “Foreverwood,” since the show didn’t get picked up by the new CW network. Luckily, this swan song is everything fans could wish for. Everwood has always been a love story wrapped in a family drama, so it’s fitting that its final moments are for Amy and Ephram. They, along with Andy, Nina and Jake, and Bright and Hannah have moments of reckoning that are as complicated, flawed and thrilling as their relationships. Those relatable connections are why we’ll forever miss what should be considered among TV’s greatest family dramas. — Bill Ecklund

I also thought I’d direct you to’s TV GAL, as she remembers some of her favourite moments from EVERWOOD.

1. Amy and Ephram kiss for the first time in “Till Death Do Us Part” on Nov. 4, 2002: One of the innate charms of “Everwood,” was its laser sharp ability to capture the emotions of first true love. Amy and Ephram first kiss on a field trip perfectly portrayed this first feeling.

2. Ephram tries to recreate his mother’s Thanksgiving dinner in “A Thanksgiving Tale” on Nov. 25, 2002: You know one of my favorite things about the series is Ephram as a big brother and Vivien Cardone is one of the best child actors on TV. This is the first episode that truly showcased this.

3. Colin dies in “The Last of Summer” on Sept. 15, 2003: The second season opened with the shocking revelation that Colin had died and that Andy’s surgery had been unsuccessful. It cemented “Everwood” as a show not afraid to take the riskier, less happy path and proved that “Everwood” is not your typical teen drama.

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