Podcast 17: Tribute to Everwood

This week’s podcast (#17) is a special tribute to TV’s finest drama: EVERWOOD. Join Host Daniel and Special Guest Michael as they discuss the 2 hour finale of EVERWOOD (We just watched it!). Also, check out the latest addition to theTVaddict store.

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  • Gal Pal Ariel

    Just listened to the podcast… Snow I would have said you did well but was it really necessary try to replace me? I was more than happy to consider a trio but if you think that I should be replaced I guess I should not be surprised. Are you waging a podcast war against me? You will be happy to know that while I hope that I have fans there are also a bunch of people who I am sure would be happy to join a ‘Down with Ari movement’. I guess I am just the nice girl who attempts to have some witty banter on a friendly podcast and you are the lawyer who has come to bully me… (I pause as I shed a tear). I know I do not need to prove anything but wanted to set the record straight on a couple of issues. Firstly, I believe that I was the key to being able to supply The TV Addict with the interview that caused the most action on the boards, as my one degree of separation came through with an email and phone number to David Sutcliffe. Also I could not rest without you both knowing that I was at the bat mitzvah in question…(or at least am pretty sure, as I have actually attended hundreds) and I don’t remember seeing Snow at the party.