Battlestar Galactica Event

What’s going on? This post isn’t about EVERWOOD, seriously, I thought theTVaddict only discussed EVERWOOD!? Yes, shocking I know, but this was too important to pass up. On Friday June 2, there was an incredible event at the Museum of Radio & Television in New York. Cast and members of the Creative Team were on hand to discuss TV’s most addicting space drama – BATTLESTAR GALACTICA. Thankfully, the museum has (finally) entered the year 2006, and posted a webcast of the event on their web site. You can check it out by clicking here. Sadly, the format of the video is windows media player – one day the museum will take my great advice and post an iPod Video version!

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  • Oh Apollo how I love thee…

  • Shannon

    Thanks for that link – loved it!! Especially Jaime’s Jenny Craig comment!! 🙂 – I will fight you for him duckyxdale!! LOL!

  • You know what happend to Shannon on LOST. Don’t play sista!

  • As if EITHER of you are going to get my Jamie Bamber. Although if he has chunked out for the role as many rumor sites are saying I’d consider giving him up.

    Gaius isn’t as pretty, but he’s got a nice bod. Plus, bad boy! 😉

  • Shannon

    YO TIM! So what if he’s gained a little weight?! That just means there is more to hold onto!! Besides, I’m sure he’ll lose it all by episode 3 – BSG knows where its bread is buttered at! And he will be the hottest fatman EVER!

    Please – ducky – I am nowhere near as lame as THE Shannon on Lost – First off – I don’t go off searching for creepy telepathic kids IN THE DARK! IN THE RAIN! I think I could take you!

  • Blogger Celebrity Death Match! Sweet! I too will take Jamie Bamber Fat or Skinny. I’ve seen the freezeframe stills from the towel scene with Xena. He’s got it!

  • Whew… it was just a fat suit. 😛

    He’s mine!

  • According to Michael Ausiello on TV Guide, Jamie Bamber is doing a cover photo shoot for a national magazine that rhymes with DOUBT….

    OUT Magazine!

  • I saw the same thing, now every queer in town will want him. Tim G. and Shannon we have to bond together to create a super group of elite blogging force. Kinda like the Wonder Twins but with another person? Wonder Trio? Kicking ass for fraks sake!