The End of Everwood

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  • Dana

    I can’t even tell you how much I love this show. I am going to miss it so much.

  • Does anyone wanna pitch in on some killer bees? We can sic then on a certain someone named Dawn Ostroff.

  • Tim

    I don’t even think I can describe how terrible I feel right now. For the longest time I have been basically in denial that this show was over. I even didn’t watch the finale until today, just trying to put off the end. I watched today, and I admit, being a straight, 21 year old male that I could NOT hold back the tears during this episode. It just all hit me at once. No more Everwood. I can’t look forward to watching the quirky characters of this small mountain town anymore, it’s done. Just because Dawn Ostroff is an idiot.

  • Wil

    If you would like to contribute to the newest stunts to SAVE EVERWOOD please visit by this link and go to the most recent page to find out more of what the fans are doing:

    Within the next 24 hours the site will be collecting donations to place a Ferris Wheel (a la Ephram and Amy) by the UPN offices (Dawn look out. Here we come!) and also placing an ad in “Variety” (Top Entertainment Industry Magazine) to SAVE EVERWOOD. We even have a graphic designer and several other professionals stepping up to help this campaign! Come contribute and be a part of Everwood History!!!

    Thought the Everwood fans would like to know that similar stunts have been done in the past that saved Arrested Development, Veronica Mars, Roswell, Deadwood, and several other shows! This is our way to Save Everwood!


  • Wil has just started a seperate thread for just this info. You can go directly to it by this link:

  • Wil

    Well, plan on donating now! The PayPal link is open at!!!

    Go to this link:

    It’s about halfway down in the Webmaster’s post!

  • Megan

    watching this clip made me cry once again. thanks for posting this. 🙁

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  • This was a nice ending. Sadly, right after this Ephram fell from the ferris wheel and landed in a coma. LOL


  • i love amy, i ove everwood, i´ll miss my favorite show