HEROES – A first look!

If you’re as excited as I am to see NBC’s fall Superhero drama HEROES, now’s your chance (to see a preview!). Hop on over to NBC.com to check out a four minute preview of the show. Starring Greg Grunberg (Alias, Felicity, JJ.Abrams Best Friend!) and Milo Ventimiglia (Jess on Gilmore Girls), HEROES chronicles the lives of a ‘special’ group of people and the lives of others like them – whose destiny just might be saving humankind. Click here to view the preview.

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  • Tim

    Holy… frakking… shit. I was excited before, and this made the wait for the show seem even longer.

    Also, loved the BSG music in there, lol.

  • Wow. That’s all I can say

    Looks like an expensive one to produce though. The ratings better equal that or this show is doomed. I can’t wait though! NBC has a great lineup…

    quis custodiet ipsos custodes — Who watches the Watchmen?

  • Guest

    I’ve seen the two hour Heores pilot and have to say it does not move like that trailer. While still decently enjoyable, it’s very slow paced. Additionally, Greg Grunberg is not in the initial two hour pilot.

    The Asian man who works on breaking space/time is by far the best character (the actor makes it), but the painter is the most interesting story. The part is very fitting for Milo, but he doesn’t quite measure up to some of the other actors, unfortunately. Ali (Varsity Blues) Larter stands out as the girl who’s reflection controls itself.

    It’s often hard to stay interested because it is so slowly paced, but its is an honest attempt at NBC’s reversal of its fates – quality, original programming – so I hope it succeeds.

  • Guest

    Clarification: Milo V doesn’t play the painter. HIS (he’s a gentle male nurse) part is very fitting for him. Sorry about that!

  • I totally got chills… you know that increasingly rare feeling when you just saw something really cool!? The HEROES preview was awesome. Sure four minutes doesn’t make a hit series.. but WOW. I’ll definitely be watching the premiere and can’t wait to see if the show is as cool as its premise.

  • Well,

    to be fair…Although my comments above seem that I am very much looking forward to this show, I must also state my hesitations. The show is clearly not anything original. The idea of superheroes having to deal with their problems has been around for decades. All the X-Men, Peter Parker/Spiderman, the Hulk, etc all had to deal with these issues. Their powers are also nothing original…Lets link them to X-Men:
    Teleportation – Nightcrawler
    Healing – Wolverine
    Read Minds – Professor X
    Painting – well maybe thats a little more original. I am sure Jean Grey could do that though 🙂

    With that said, I am still very excited. I said “quis custodiet ipsos custodes”? (Who watches the Watchmen?) above because this show may turn out to be very much like the “Watchmen” graphic novel but not nearly as good…I hope I am wrong!