Why I Love the Daily Show

Those DAILY SHOW writers are do damn smart. Check out the ad (below) that they placed in June 5th’s Hollywood Reporter!

Original Source: MediaBistro

On a related note, if you’re going through Bill Maher withdrawl, since his incredible HBO talk show REAL TIME went on hiatus until August, you can get your ‘Bill fix’ over at Amazon.com? HUH, yeah it sounds odd, but Amazon has put together an online TV show that Bill hosts each and every week called FISHBOWL. The show is pretty damn funny, and worth a few minutes of your time if you’re looking to laugh.

Amazon Fishbowl with Bill Maher, presented by UPS and Cingular, is a weekly program featuring the brightest stars in film, music, literature, and television. New episodes will premiere each Thursday this summer at 8 p.m. Pacific Time and can be seen anytime, by clicking here.

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  • That ad is just fantastic!

    Is anyone else as sick of hearing about Katie Couric as I am?