24: The Movie

It’s official. According to FOX Studio execs, a 24 Movie starring Jack Bauer (aka Keifer Sutherland – the man with only one emotion: Angry) will start shooting during the break between Seasons 6 and 7. According to Variety, the movie will likely abandon its ‘real-time’ premise. That begs the question, without it’s ‘real-time’ premise, what’s the point? We just will have another big screen action adventure starring Keifer Sutherland – also known as the spring movie bomb THE SENTINTEL?

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  • Sweet!

    This gets me way more excited than a whole season of 24 episodes. This way, they can cut to the chase right away with none of the BS we have become accustomed to.

  • Also,

    It’s funny that with the cinematic quality of the show already established, this movie is such a money grab since it probably won’t cost much more than 2 or 3 episodes of the show to produce, edit, etc…

  • Plus, u can only imagine how cool the special effects and the story presentation will be. As the “TVaddictaddict” above has said, the show’s already as cinematic as it gets on television; the stunts and special effects in the television series are also noteworthy. I guess we’ll just have to wait to find out how the directors and producers will OUTDO themselves in the movie version. And, yeah , the storyline will be concise and to the point….but i love 24’s mystery and shocking twists, so i hope the movie doesn’t loose those.

    I’m not really excited about hearing that the movie will probably loose it’s REALTIME format (i’m not exactly suggesting a movie named “24: HOURS”..lol). But, it would’ve been cooler if some introductory part of the movie was shown like a normal movie, but the LAST TWO hours shown in realtime….and yes, for a cool movie like 24, i wouldn’t mind sitting in my seat for a popcorn movie longer than the typical 110 min. Also glad to hear that season 6 and 7 will be filmed and developed with Keifer still in it…so it’s all good.