Help Save Everwood

The folks over at have come up with a really great idea to help SAVE EVERWOOD. Dubbed PROJECT FERRIS WHEEL The goal is to raise enough money so that we can put an actual Ferris Wheel in front of Dawn Ostroff’s office (the CW Boss). You can donate to this cause by clicking here

All proceeds will be donated directly to the cause. Any additional funds will be donated to a To Be Determined School Music Program (When details are confirmed, I’ll be sure to pass along the info). As of this moment, the campaign has raised $1,679.45 would like to help the cause. As of this moment, all profits accumulated from my EVERWOOD Swag in store will be donated directly to the cause. You can check out my EVERWOOD swag by clicking here.

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  • Tim

    Shit, I wish I had some money, because this is the greatest show campaign I have ever heard of. Wow, I am just floored by how perfect this idea is.

  • Megan

    oh cool new everwood stuff! i wish i had waited to purchase my “save everwood” stuff now.

    and i donated to the ferris wheel! thanks for helping to bring attention to our cause!