Lauren Graham Interview

No, I have not snagged an interview with Lauren Graham (how cool would that be?). But my good friend (in my imagination) and God of Scoop Michael Ausiello has! Check out his exclusive interview with Lauren Graham by clicking here.

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  • Common Sense

    Shocking how much negative feedback Lauren’s getting to her interview answers over there. These “impassioned” women just refuse to see the flaws in Luke’s character. He’s a kook, and was willing to shut out the soulmate he’d pined for all those years…just to get to know his long-lost daughter. Looks like he’d rather be a daddy than a hubby. Chris may not be the best guy in the world, but people DO change/mature, and he & Lorelai have a history—which includes their beloved daughter. So no, her blowup at Luke and the final scene with Chris was not unbelievable, as so many fans charge. I’m curious to see where it all goes from here, since Luke has shown he can’t even handle Lorelai talking to Chris (i.e. after his dad’s death). Like I said, Luke = Kook.

  • jinxyomia

    YES….Great interview with LG…MA deserves the title you have bestowed!

  • Razorback

    Yes Yes Yes Common Sense……..absolutely. It was not crazy for her to go to Chris, my god..they have a 21 year old daughter and have within the last 6 years slept together before. People do things when they are hurt. Remember LUke was the one who said ‘we have to tell each other everything’. So I can completely see where it was heading. Those people who were giving negative feedback I guess have never done anything that was not ‘perfect’ or the right thing to do. Love is crazy and we all have done crazy things or things which might not be the smartest thing, but make sense at the time. Especially when we are hurt and crushed and think that they’ll never be with the one they love the most – I can surely see why it happened with Chris. And besides, relax everybody. It s a television show.