New TV Shows on iTunes

Being a MAC fanatic, announcements like this always get me excited. Today, CBS and Apple have announced that prime time programming from CBS is now available on the iTunes Music Store. Shows now available are all three incarnations of CSI, SURVIVOR and NUMB3RS. According to VP of iTunes Eddy Cue:

We’re thrilled to bring award-winning shows from CBS to the iTunes Music Store. We think viewers are going to love being able to download their favorite episodes of hits such as ‘CSI’ and ‘Survivor’ for viewing on their computer or iPod.

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  • Mel

    Any word on when we get TV shows in iTunes in Canada???

  • Jenny

    That is awesome! Yay.

  • Cher

    Question – I read you said you were Canadian…so you can’t actually buy them can you? Is there some way of fooling ITunes?

  • Dear Cher,
    You are correct, I am Canadian! There are quite a few ways for ‘foreigners’ to buy in the US iTunes Music Store. Here are a few ways:

    1) The easiest is if you happen to be in the US, buy an iTunes Music Store Gift Certificate. They’re available everywhere (apple stores, grocery stores, variety stores, 711 etc…) When you get home, go to the US store and click ‘redeem gift certificate’. Enter your info, but just put in fake info for US address etc… very easy

    2) If you’re not going to the US anytime soon. You can buy US gift certificates off eBay. Sometimes for less then they’re actually worth.

    3) You can also have friends in the US send you gift certificates via email, and pay them back via paypal or however.

    hope this helps!

  • Cher

    Hey, thanks!

    I’m like 30 minutes away from Buffalo so I’ll just hop down there one night when I get the chance. I suspected that it might work doing that, but I wasn’t sure. Thanks so much! (And yay Canada)