So I know this site is called, but I couldn’t resist posting this. Growing up, I was a huge TRANSFORMERS fan. Check out the teaser poster for the Michael Bay directed film, coming next summer! Bring on Optimus Prime and hopefully the DinoBots!

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  • I saw this posted on the web yesterday, and have been geeking out about it since. I am a huge Transformers fan – I cannot wait until next summer! (as an aside, Transformers is TOTALLY fodder for this website – it started on TV, didn’t it?)

  • yeah! that’s why it’s legit for an appearance on – It was a TV show First! Rest assured, I won’t be covering the prequel to the Dukes of Hazzard!

  • Oh darn, and I was SO looking forward to that! (believe me, that sentence is DRIPPING with sarcasm!) haha