Entourage Premieres

The third season of ENTOURAGE premiered tonight, and not a moment to soon. Since EVERWOOD’s finale, I haven’t watched a single new episode of TV. Yes, I know what you’re thinking. How on earth can you proclaim yourself a TV addict when you didn’t watch a single new episode of TV all week? Unfortunately, summer TV isn’t that exciting and being Canadian, we don’t get FX or USA networks. Subsequently, RESCUE ME and the 4400 are out of the question. But I digress….

Simply put, ENTOURAGE is endlessly fun. Who wouldn’t want to live the fantasy movie star life of Vinnie Chase and his intrepid Entourage? Tonight’s episode revolved around the premiere of AQUAMAN (Vinnie’s big summer movie), Vincent’s quest for the perfect opening night date (his mom!) and Super Agent Ari Gold’s struggle to regain his foothold as Hollywood’s most powerful agent.

Overall the episode was highly enjoyable. My only complaints are threefold. To start, it seems as though the ENTOURAGE writers have been watching too many episodes of LOST during their hiatus. Nothing actually happened in the episode. The show ended so suddenly, I looked at the clock to make sure I didn’t miss half the episode. Secondly, as LOST tends to do, the episode was entirely a build up to the big premiere. We’ll have to wait until next week to actually experience the premiere of AQUAMAN. Finally Turtle and Drama. Their ‘antics’ have always been the weak point of the series. Lets hope the writers find something interesting for these two buffons to do this season. They’re fast becoming my ‘Sookie’ moment of ENTOURAGE. (If you have no idea what a ‘Sookie Moment’ is, check out Dan Manu’s Blog on TVGuide.)

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  • No FX OR USA? Bummer. Summer is going to be a challenge without them. Please say you have TNT, or something similar….

  • No TNT either! The only thing that’s getting me throught the summer is TVTROPOLIS! 90210 reruns all summer long!

  • I feel so bad for you. I really do. What about Bravo, Showtime, Comedy Central, and BBC? (or BBC America, but I’m doubtful with “America” in the name).