Coolest EVERWOOD news EVER!

Today started off like any other Tuesday. Wake up, walk my dog MAC (named after my 2 fav ‘macs’ my computer and Veronica’s BFF), then started to do some work and update Being Tuesday, I clicked on over to the Queen of Scoop, Kristin (over on to read the transcripts from last night’s chat. So I’m reading, scrolling, reading some more, then I get to this question:

From illergirl: Everwood! Please tell us. Any hope? Although I haven’t heard any confirmation of talks with the CW re-opening, I absolutely adore the new fan campaign. You’ve heard of it, right? Some genius fans are raising funds to rent a Ferris wheel and put it outside Dawn Ostroff’s office. If you saw the finale, you know why this rocks so hard. You can get the details here. Also, Korbi just ran into real-life lovebirds Chris Pratt and Emily Van Camp! Korbi, care to share with the rest of the class?

From Korbi Ghosh: Do I! Well, if you watch this week’s Vine show, you’ll see I was wearing a ‘Save Everwood’ T-shirt, because I’m pretty much heartbroken over the cancellation, and so on board with the campaign.

Anyway, after filming, I happened to be meeting some friends at the Grove for dinner and as I’m walking to the restaurant, who do I happen to see…holding hands no less?! Bright and Amy (aka Chris Pratt and Emily Van Camp)!! I kid you not, I almost fell over. I totally freaked, but a friend of mine who was much calmer called over to them and when they saw my T-shirt, they loved it! Chris said “I want a T-shirt like that!” and told me that I made his day. Emily talked about how sad she was and Chris joked that he’s going to crash the CW TCA and pretend like he’s unaware that they didn’t pick up Everwood!

The two of them were absolutely adorable and couldn’t have been nicer. They said that at this point, their plan is to go back to Utah, move out of their places, relocate to L.A. and start auditioning again. They seemed truly upset about it. I would’ve started to tear up while they were talking to me, except that I was so freaking excited that they were there! That encounter is now number one on my list of Hollywood moments. I mean, I was wearing a freaking ‘Save Everwood’ T-shirt, people!

Now, you’re probably wondering why this is so cool? We’ll I’ll tell you, Korbi’s SAVE EVERWOOD tshirt was designed by myself (theTVaddict)!!! So if you want to see how awesome the shirt looks in action, check out Kristin’s VINE show and see Kristin and Korbi (wearing my tshirt!).

I should also mention that all proceeds from my SAVE EVERWOOD swag will be donated directly to the SAVE EVERWOOD: PROJECT FERRIS WHEEL campaign!

Save Everwood Swag including tshirts, mousepads, and more can be purchased at theTVaddict store

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  • YAY!!! Awesome news!!! I saw the Vine show and I thought the shirt looked familiar.

  • I love that she is wearing that shirt! That is just awesome.

  • Oh one more thing…you can’t title a post ‘Coolest Everwood News Ever’…you’re going to give people heart attacks.

  • HAHAHAHHA, so true.. but if i put BEST everwood news ever.. i would give people the wrong idea! This was just really COOL!

  • I know I’m obsessed with this but seriously, Wanda needs to start eating again. That picture is Wandarexic Galore… and not in a good way. Soon she’ll have that too skinny mouth like Hilary Duff has and her chicklet teeth will look like white bathroom tiles. EAT WANDA EAT!

  • She hasn’t been Wanda in years…

    I completely forgot about that.

  • Very cool. You have started a new fashion trend in Hollywood. So sad to read they have to get back to auditioning. The life of an actor.


  • Wil

    Just wanted to add that Kristin said she WILL be riding on the Save Everwood Ferris Wheel!!! Visit to see what else you can do to help with the campaign! Oh…and don’t forget to buy some Save Everwood merchandise from thetvaddict!!! You rock Daniel!