My 15 Minutes of Fame!

theTVaddict has reached new levels of fame! Check out my question being answered during last night’s Chat!

From Daniel_theTVaddict: Korbi, thank you for supporting Everwood. It totally made my day to see you wearing the T-shirt I designed (Save Everwood) on the Vine show! Can you let everyone know that all profits from the sale of the Everwood swag will be directly donated to the Save Everwood Project Ferris Wheel Campaign? The swag can be found at here. Thanks again!

Korbi Ghosh: My pleasure, Daniel! We cannot let the best family drama ever written disappear without a fight. Thank you for designing the shirt. I just can’t bare the thought of losing Ephram Brown and his sullen ways.

So if you want to be as awesome as Korbi and help support the ‘Save Everwood’ campaign, visit my TVaddict Swag shop by clicking here.

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  • Jenny

    That is totally awesome. 😀 very, very cool! Congrats. 😀

  • I’ve had a couple of my questions answered by Kristen in her chat. The first one had to do with Alias and me coining the term “Freplica” for the Francie clone. The other was a few weeks ago after it was revealed that Sun was pregnant. I suggested that since Jin landed on the island impotent, maybe the island’s mysterious voodoo had given his swimmers their legs back too.

  • 2 Questions answered by Kristin… you are my hero! But seriously, ‘Freplica’ ??? I think that leads to a more important question…. can we stop combining names of celebrities together just because they are a famous couple. It was funny and original the first time (Bennifer I believe). But ‘TomKat’, ‘Brangelina’.. I’ve had enough!

    With regards to LOST.. I’m sure in season 8 we’ll discover the truth behind Jin and Sun’s mysterious pregnancy 🙂 Sadly, I’ll still be watching, still hoping for answers!

  • Very Cool Daniel!