Save Everwood Project Update

Just wanted to let everyone know, the SAVE EVERWOOD: Ferris Wheel Project has raised $5,447.90. Visit Save Everwood for more info on how you can help! I’ve been told the ideal donation goal is $8,000.

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  • Again, sorry Daniel…

    I will post that there is also a great worthwhile cause called AIDS Prevention and Education, maybe you’ve heard of it. 25 years ago last week, the AIDS virus was discovered.

    Sure its no Everwood or Wonderfalls but its killing folks like you and me every day. To help stop the spread of the HIV virus and AIDS through education, prevention, and counseling you can donate to my AIDS Ride. Click on my name above this posting to head on over to my site:

    If you’d like to support a fellow TV fan and blogger who’s riding 300 miles to help stop the spread of the AIDS virus please head on over. Proceeds go to The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center in NYC.

    If the goal is to raise $8,000 for a show that the executive producers have moved on from and have said has no chance of coming back don’t you think we can also make a goal of $8,000 to help save lives instead of a tv show? Just think about donating half of what you would have given to the Ferris Wheel project to my ride and you’ll really be making a difference!

    Stepping down from soapbox.


  • Hear hear!

    If I wasn’t such a poor college student I’d donate ducky, however… I am.

  • Hey, $5, $10 bucks really goes a long way if multiple people donate. That’s less than what it costs you in Starbucks a day! Think about it.