Help Save Screech!

In what is possibly one of the ‘saddest’ (note: sarcasm) stories I’ve read in a while, Screech from SAVED BY THE BELL, needs OUR HELP! Apparently he is being evicted from his house in Wisconsin. I won’t bore you with the details, but to read his ‘story’ click here.

Forget Saving Everwood, or helping people who actually need it (ie. folks suffering from disease, poverty, hurricane katrina etc…) let’s help SCREECH! (again: note sarcasm).

As much as I often dreamed of being a tv star when I was a kid, things like this really makes me thankful that I avoided having a life or career that peaked as 12!

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  • You are making fun of a guy who has a website that sells $15 t-shirts to save his house while you relentlessly whore $16.99 shirts for the SAVE EVERWOOD: PROJECT FERRIS WHEEL campaign? Explain to me how the SAVE EVERWOOD: PROJECT FERRIS WHEEL campaign is a more worthy humanitarian cause.

    (This is not to mention the other $20.99 shirts you pilfer that rip-off sayings, character names, and logos from TV shows that apparently are for no cause at all).

    Please, quit trying to sound so righteous when your causes themselves are much less “causeworthy”. (note: sarcasm)

  • Mack Tight, An interesting point – and one that I definitely never considered… Until Now!

    Obviously I’m shilling for a cause, the same as Dustin Diamond is. But I believe the difference is that my cause isn’t personal, and in fact is actually a ’cause’ I don’t consider Saving Dustin Diamond’s House a ‘humanitarian cause.’ Humanitarian causes are helping real people who need help – ie. Katrina victims, Raising Money for Aids other diseases etc…

    Dustin is perfectly capable of getting a ‘real’ job and doing actual work. Unfortunately, he’s lived off his ‘Screech Fame’ his entire life. If he wants to save his house, I think he needs to move on, away from acting and his current lifestyle and grow up. The only way he will save is house is to suck it up and get a real job. This is the real world

    Don’t get me wrong, if this scheme works, more power to him. I just think it’s sad, and something I would not support with my own money that I’ve worked hard for.