America’s Next Top Dog?

Lifetime has greenlit OFF THE LEASH, a docudrama set at a Hollywood talent agency for pets. According to Variety the cabler has ordered six half-hour episodes. The show will follow staff and clientele of the ‘Le Paws’ Hollywood Pet Agency (No seriously, I’m not making this up!). Apparently, Dog Scouts attempt to persuade owners to pay them big bucks to train pets for roles in movies and tv.

All I have to say is check out MAC (pictured above). My dog is not only adorable, she’s perfectly behaved (I swear!). Her only demands are a free trip to LA (for herself and her owner, first class naturally) and a fresh bone everyday. Mac would also like to meet the dog from Frasier.

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  • concernedcitizen

    perfectly behaved?!?! my ripped pants beg to differ.

    but i must confess, other than the unfortunate shredding of my fashion, mac is one of the cutest friendliest dogs i’ve known.

  • nice to see ‘concernedcitizen’ is reading the site!

  • Jenny


    Very cute! And meh, as much as I like animals, I think I’ll skip this one. lol

  • That picture is ADORABLE!!

  • Mac, you are adorable and I have sad news for you. The Dog from Frazier, Moose. Died yesterday of natural causes. He was 16 1/2.

  • Yea cute dog howevver you should ck out this website ”

  • I just found out Lola is the star of the new show “Off The Leash” on lifetime tv starting in October this should be great!