theTVaddict Rewind: Brenda & Dylan

After two weeks of (lame) BEVERLY HILLS 90210 episodes, things are finally starting to heat up! Having aired almost 15 years ago, I forgot how preachy 90210 was in its infancy. With all its morality lessons, early 90210 episodes felt less like MELROSE PLACE, and more like 7th HEAVEN (not a good thing).

That said, today’s episode featured the memorable first date (and kiss!) of Dylan and Brenda. Only 90210 could manage such an unforgettable first date. In a span of 44 minutes, Dylan transforms from loner bad-boy to Brenda’s steady boyfriend. Watching Dylan’s meltdown, as he runs out of his hotel after a confrontation with his father was almost laughable. How Brenda doesn’t run for the hills after she watches Dylan shatter a potted plant on the cement is beyond me. Even more ridiculous, they end up making out right after Dylan completely loses it! Clearly, Brenda is an excellent judge of character. So excited for more Brenda/Dylan madness – the spring fling, the trip to Tiujana, it just gets better and better. Too bad they don’t have a good ‘Brangelina’ name, I don’t think ‘Brylan’ really works!

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  • I would have to say Brenda and Dylan should have ended up together. Even if they changed Shannen they should have brought somelse to play her role. They just made the show unreal, because Brenda was his true love not kelly. I think they need to have a reunion in which Kelly and Dylan does not work out so therefore Brenda and Dylan end up together. Kelly is just a bitch there is no passion there between her and Dylan. The show would have been perfect if Dylan ended up with Brenda and Brandon With Kelly.

  • Rosemarie

    I absolutely agree! Brenda and Dylan should have ended up together. They **were** soul mates–NOT Dylan and Kelly! Shannen and Luke had the best chemistry; and therefore, their relationship was much more believable. They were the perfect complement, and the passion they exuded was real! I had wished for them to end up together during the final ep. (Alas, that did not happen–and I refused to watch it). When the reruns were airing on SoapNet, I finally saw it–and couldn’t believe how cheesy it was! Andrea was the only original cast member to return. Brandon got a lousy gig (with the videotape), and Brenda didn’t even make an apperance! What a rip off. She and Brandon made the show!! And she was Donna’s friend in high school; they shared many memories together, along with Kelly. How unrealistic for Brenda NOT to even send her best wishes…

    I sincerely hope they make a reunion movie. It would be especially great for the fans! However, I doubt any reunion movie will be forthcoming. Which totally sucks, because I want Dylan and Brenda to get married and have kids–and talk about their grandchildren–as they did at David Silver’s grandparent’s house. Remember that episode? That was great!

  • marieann

    I rememeber watching this show as a kid an loved that brenda an dylan were together when they split and kelly pinched the man i was devasted because we all know that there charaters were never meant to be and that dylan an brenda were whom he should of married .
    but then i always thought that kelly always thought of herself as the main person of the show and that everything involved around her which even when i was watching the reunion interview where luke is sitting in the middle of shannon and miss thing aka jennie she even then thought she was all that better then shannon so who was even taking the show more there ? i really really wished that the ending was that brenda cam back and dylan an both got married what a way to end the show go out with what fans really wanted ….. thats what i believe anyway .

  • brendadylan4ever

    I was soooo young when this aired. But I remember that I like the brunettes. Brenda and Dylan. They are the best characters and team up on the show. Luke and Shanen portrayed it sooo well. My whole family stop watching the show after brenda left. I tried watching later seasons, I think I only get to watch 2 or 3 and it is so soap opera like and not a cool teen show anymore. It just never the same when brenda left. High school years are definitely the best. and come on brenda is dylan’s true love that’s what I believe in and what the majority of the fans believe in. It just made more sense than w/ kelly. Dylan brandon and brenda are the one who made a cultural impact. duh! they are the one in the rolling stone cover not kelly ick! I like Donna though.
    Brenda Dylan forever