Greg Berlanti’s Statement

In her recent interview with Greg Berlanti, Eonline’s Kristin asked Greg to respond to the fan’s campaign to SAVE EVERWOOD. Greg response, while not unexpected, really seemed to put the final nail in EVERWOOD’s coffin. From the showrunners mouth”

Not to pour water on anyone’s hopes, but I just think logistically at this point, it would be impossible [to bring the show back]. Contracts have lapsed, and all the creative entities behind the show have disbanded and gone on to other things, and we’re all in contracts elsewhere now. So logistically, I just think it’s an impossibility, but this fan enthusiasm is so appreciated and I would love to sort of redirect it, if I could, to getting the show released on DVD.” Greg Continues, “I’m not going to tell them to do it, but I certainly wouldn’t stand in the way if they were so inclined to redirect their enthusiasm to Warner Home Video. They just have to be encouraged that there’s an appetite and a market for these DVDs.”

I’m a realist and while I’ve loved every minute of the SAVE EVERWOOD campaign, I do believe our efforts should be focused on getting the entire four seasons released on DVD. All of our energy should be directed to:

Jeff Brown, Senior Vice President
Warner Home Video
4000 Warner Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91522

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  • Wil


    Just thought I’d bring this to all Everwoodians’ attention.

    This campaign is not ONLY to get Everwood back. It is also to draw attention to Everwood’s large and loyal fan base. This will help get the rest of the Seasons of Everwood out on DVD. But most importantly, it will show the Cast, Crew, and Creative Team how much the show has meant to all of us fans. This will honor and demonstrate our gratitude toward what a quality show Everwood is. Not to mention making an historic ground-breaking gesture of pulling off such a campaign.

    Do you want a say in what television shows are made available to you? Do you want to stand strong for quality programming? Well then that is what this campaign is about.

    Fight for Everwood and fight for the Extraordinary!!!

    Donation Update

    As of 2am EST,

    Current Donations Total: $8111.64
    Reach For The Stars Goal: $15,000