Another EVERWOOD Swag Endorsement!

Yet another esteemed EVERWOOD fan (and TV columnist) has taken a moment out of their busy schedule to promo my EVERWOOD swag! (Yes I’m sure you thought my Everwood obsession was over, but I won’t stop until seasons 2-4 are released on DVD!). Check out an excerpt from this morning’s TV GAL column on

Well, I think I’ve successfully completed the five stages of grief about “Everwood.” There was of course denial (you were there for that), anger (you were definitely there for that), bargaining (this involved some sort of promise not to mock the acting on “7th Heaven”), depression (that involved more chocolate than really can be acknowledged) and finally acceptance (I even purchased an “I Wish I Lived in Everwood” shirt at I think the best thing we can all do now is purchase the first season DVD of “Everwood” and hope that convinces the powers that be to release the other three seasons.

Kristin, Korbi and now TVGAl have all talked about my EVERWOOD swag. The only major internet TV columnist left to give theTVaddict Swag Shop a shout-out is one Michael Ausiello of TVGuide. Hey Ausiello, it’s time to get with the program and pick up some swag. I know you love free stuff, but purchasing any Everwood swag from my shop is actually for a good cause. Profits will be donated to the SAVE EVERWOOD campaign. If you’re lucky, I’ll even throw in a bottle of Snapple for you!

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