WB Pilot Rises from the Dead

Ever wonder what happens to TV sitcom pilots when they aren’t chosen to be on a Network’s Fall Schedule? Or, after viewing some truly awful network comedies (ie. Rodney, Modern Men etc.) do you ever wonder how ‘bad’ the sitcoms must have been that weren’t picked up? Well now is your chance to check out a WB pilot that was left to rot in the pilot cemetery.

Ironically titled, NOBODY’S WATCHING – was “Truman Show” like sitcom from the genius behind SCRUBS (Bill Lawrence – along with two FAMILY GUY writers). The show was pitched to both NBC and THE WB, and recently found its way on youtube.com. Creator Bill Lawrence is thrilled with the unexpected attention, “It’s validation for me because it proves that we weren’t completely crazy.”

Click below to view the pilot
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

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  • I can see why it was passed over. It wasn’t very good, although it DOES have Paul Campbell (Billy from BSG).

  • Holy Frack! I had no idea that was BILLY from BSG! Now it totally makes sense, but I hate how I’m so bad to recognize actors in different roles. I’m not used to seeing ‘Billy’ smile, as we all know how depressing BSG can be (in a good way!)

    I liked the pilot, but I’m not surprised it wasn’t picked up. In fact, I’m surprised it was even made into a pilot. The show is way too smart for the average sitcom, and ‘inside hollywood’ shows rarely work. Just look at the long list of failed hollywoodesque shows: The Comeback (Brilliant!), Grosse Point, Action! etc.

  • Common Sense

    OH MAN…what could’ve been! Just watched the entire pilot, and it’s better than ANY comedy The WB has aired in years. How utterly insulting that they stuck “Twins,” “Living With Fran,” and “Modern Men” on the air instead of this inventive, break-the-mold gem. WB, it was decisions like this that put you out of business, unfortunately. For years they searched for a comedy hit, and couldn’t recognize it when they saw it.

    To quote the “actors” from the pilot….

    “You can’t just plop a dream into my lap, then just take it away.”
    “We’re The WB…we can do anything.”

    Priceless. (And loved the studio stooges…one played by the baddie secret-service guy on Prison Break)

  • Common Sense

    Another great exchange from Nobody’s Watching (feel free to use for your “Quotes of the Week”):

    “I didn’t think any man would buy a pair of boxers that said ‘Smallville’ across the front.”
    “I’d buy a pair that said ‘Everwood.'”

  • Brynhildur

    The “no dad” bit was funny

  • yeknom2

    who plays derek??? he looks so familiar but i just cant place him.

  • Common Sense…. LOVED the Smallville/Everwood Quote!