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Visitors to know that there is nothing I Love more then free TV online. So I thought I’d point fellow SCRUBS Fans to Thanks to an enormous SCRUBS fan, you can find a lot of your favourite episodes online & free.

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  • Toffey

    Guys none of these sites works
    I wait for each site to start the episode but it takes a very long time to load
    anyone knows a site i can download the episodes from? pleeeease

  • evil is quite gd thats where i usually watch mine

  • Sam

    Have any of you tried

  • Chef

    Hey all, see you had some problems finding scrubs for free, is great but an even better one is……………. You are welcome 😉 Has all of them and if they don’t work flag them and they will work the next day, normally they all work though.

  • the best thing ive found is, just click movies at the top, when that comes up type in scrubs in the search box and all the sites that have scrubs on it will pop up in a list, try it its really good, you can find any episode:D

  • I have tried this site it has all the episodes of scrubs season 1-6+the first episode of the 7th season.You will be forwarded to another website when you choose an episode.The video quality is not perfect but it is good enough.

  • Hey, has a much cleaner layout to it and I have yet to find a broken video link.

  • Lee

    And maybe I should read the comment before mine. Lol, but yeah, is difficult to find a broken video, except I can’t watch s1e13 on there 🙁 and no other site has it either :’-( lol

  • bored teenager

    all these videos aren t availabe any longer… do u know another page for watching scrubs free online?

  • jamie works no broken links except for ep 13 of season 1 can’t find that anywhere.

  • jamie

    yay i just found s1 ep13 here’s the link

  • phil has most of the episodes of scrubs… 4 those hu cant play these neway…

  • A to the m to the y to the !

    yea they dont ever work on that sight :(.
    it makes me sad .
    cause i love scrubs :D.
    it is AWESOME.
    but that sightt – jeez louise people .. jeez louiseee …
    get it fixed please :O?

  • pointy

    yea that ones brilliant but it doesnt have season 6 episode 21/22. if u go to it has like them all. 😀

  • Sara worked for me. We watched all the epsidos

  • Visit
    For the latest epidodes of season 7 of Scrubs with up to three options for watching most episodes.

  • Tzerm

    Surf the channel has Scrubs upto season 7 I think lol I use it to watch most things online. it even has films 😀

  • You can watch all scrubs episodes free at

  • im really super hard-ass gey


  • tomm

    i found a website that has every single episode of scrubs, that i guarantee will work!!!! as a bonus there are also movies and other tv shows!! GO TO

  • desirae

    none of the vidoes worked. they said, “sorry, no longer available.” or something. it sucked, cause i was so pumped to watch scrubs. 🙁

  • Kassie

    None Of the links work anymore 🙁
    I am a scrubs addict and dont have cable anymore.. please help me!!

  • Nina

    I LOVE YOU!!!
    thanks, all of my fgavourite shows are on the site that you listed!
    and they all work!
    thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks
    take care

  • go to and all the eps r there well most of them are avalble there, just follow the link on the front page and choose an ep.wen u ve dont that and selcted an ep dont worry if it redirects you, but remeber to choose mega vid

  • Watch Scrubs for free at

  • Kyle Fuller

    found full Scrubs episodes free here

  • works, and they have pretty much every episode. also works but season 8 isnt fully up to date yet

  • best place to watch all kinds of tv shows and its free. every episode of scrubs is on there


  • me

    OMG?!?!?! none of these websites work :S:S:S:S im dying so i can see season 8???? anyone please know a good site that works?