Could You Pick the Next FRIENDS?

When the new fall TV season finally begins, do you often find yourself thinking, “Really, This is the best sitcom they could come up with? I could do so much better!” Well now’s your chance to prove that you have the artistic vision to choose the next FRIENDS (or RODNEY). The FX network has launched a contest on Myspace ( FX has chosen 20 videos (out of the 3,000 entries they received). You, the viewer gets to vote on the best video. The winner receives $50,000 to shoot a full pilot. Says FX Exec John Landgraf:

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” as a happy surprise that came in on spec from a struggling actor. There are lots of aspirants, filmmakers, actors, etc., on MySpace, the contest is both a development tool and a way to highlight the unconventional manner in which “Sunny” made it to FX’s schedule. It all comes down to creativity. That’s what we’re always looking for with potential shows.

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  • Jenny

    Neat contest!!

    & Happy Birthday! 🙂

  • Ash

    Well Happy Birthday, you sexy bitch!