Preview Kyle XY for Free!

Discover the summer’s biggest mystery… for FREE! ABC Family has made the premiere episode of KYLE XY a free download on iTunes for a limited time (June 20-26). KYLE XY revolves around ‘Kyle’ who is found wandering in the woods, disoriented and alone by the Trager Family. To their surprise, Kyle develops amazing abilities and astonishing intelligence. That of course is not the most ‘shocking’ thing to come out of the pilot. ABC Family wants us to know that there are more surprises to come. More specifically, the secret of Kyle’s origins! To download the episode for free and discover the secrets for yourself, click here.

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  • Jenny

    Very cool! I can’t wait for this show. I’m seriously hoping this show does well. It’s John Doe Jr really. heh

  • Ash

    OMG I was written a review on the E! Online boards and used the term “John Doe Jr.” How funny. I thought the show was really good and I was afraid it was just going to be John Doe Jr but it turned out to be much more. And the guy that plays Kyle is pretty hot.

  • Ash

    Writing not written…I wish you could edit these posts. Or then again I could proofread it before I submit.

  • Peyton

    I so want to see this show but why cant you download it in Canada??? Then again maybe my i-tunes is just messed up…

  • hello my name is sandra

    i just started watching the show i like already its pretty neat it alomst like smallville another good show keep up the good work!!!!

  • Vivica

    kyle xy is totally awesome ! i loved it !

  • Vivica

    i cant wait for the next episode …. kyle is uberly hot !

  • Khali Loinaz

    when does the 2007 episodes of Kyle XY starts??

  • kevin

    i’m a guy but i love this show and i think kyle is hot