Summer TV: So NoTORIous, Whistler and more!

With the excitement of May Sweeps far behind us, summer rerun season has kicked into high gear. Sad to say, this TVaddict has watched very little TV this month. My PVR is recording every episode of GRACE UNDER FIRE and BEVERLY HILLS 90210 on TVTROPOLIS but that’s about it.

Yes, living in Canada has its disadvantages. No USA Networks (4400), no FX (Rescue Me) and no MTV (The Hills). Sure we’ll eventually get the shows, on say MTV Canada or Showcase (Rescue Me), but we usually have to wait a few months. And really, what’s the fun in watching TV shows if you can’t discuss them online with our American friends to the south?

That said, I’m really excited for a few shows that are upcoming. Firstly, rumour has it that So NoTORIous is finally airing in Canada this summer. As an obsessed 90210 fan, I’m very much looking forward to more TORI SPELLING. If anyone saw her meltdown on the Much Music Video Awards this past weekend, you know what I’m talking about. Thanks to the magic of the internet, I’ve actually caught a few episodes for free of So NoTORIous, and surprisingly, the show is great. Tori is funny, charming and has great comedic timing. I’ll look forward to actually watching the show on TV!

The N network’s newest Degrassi rip-off called WHISTLER starts this Sunday at 10pm (CTV). I think the N’s promo department says it all:

Beck’s mysterious accident forever changes the lives of his friends and family — especially his younger brother, 17-year-old Quinn (Jesse Moss). As Quinn digs deeper into the hidden life of his older brother, the secrets he uncovers reveal a side of Whistler that he’s never known before. Quinn’s curiosity uncovers blackmail, hidden cameras, secret sex tapes and photos. And at the same time, the realization that he is falling for his dead brother’s girlfriend. Before long, an intricate web of desire, deceit and danger is revealed that touches almost everyone: locals and tourists, rich and poor, young and old. In Whistler, it seems everyone is hiding something.

One problem though, didn’t we already get a chance to watch ‘Whistler’ two seasons ago when the WB premiered THE MOUNTAIN?

Finally, CTV is airing the David Sutcliffe MOW (Movie of the Week) MURDER IN THE HAMPTONS. Sure I’m a bit bias, as David was kind enought to allow me to interview him, but there’s nothing more exciting then watching a true story re-inacted on screen! (Bring on the Lacy Peterson Story, The Dean Cain Version, and the Tori Spelling Classic: Mother, Mother May I sleep with Danger? – Best MOW title ever!) (CTV, Friday July 7 at 8pm ET)

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  • the Hills premiered last night on MTV Canada…Is that much later than the premiere in the U.S.?

    Just wondering…

    P.S. At least we have Corner Gas!!! Great show…

  • I had no idea that Canadian TV and American TV were so different. That sucks!!!

  • I love So NoTORIous. I didn’t want to like it at all, but she cracks me up! She really is a lot funnier than I would ever have given her credit for!

    And PS – Mother May I Sleep with Danger – one of the greatest (cheesiest) MOWs ever. I also like “Mom at 16” starring Kirsten Dunst. Ever see that one? Park Overall from Empty Nest? Sundays are often spent watching bad Lifetime movies for about 10 hours HA!

  • Mil

    The 4400 Season 3 will air in Canada on Space in the Fall.

    The Hills I believe is already airing on MTV Canada. Wednesday’s at 10pm. Not positive as it’s not my type of show. is such a crap website you can’t find anything out. To find out what channel MTV Canada is on in your area go to

  • Marisa

    FYI – the Hills started last night on MTV Canada.

    But yes, it sucks that we are left out of all the good TV from the USA in the summer. Just wait 6-8 months and it will all be back here.

  • Averett

    And we have to wait months for Project Runway! That alone almost made me move back to the States.