Veronica Mar Season 3 Spoilers

This past Wednesday, KSTW/11 celebrated it’s new affiliation with the CW by throwing a big party at the Premier Club. One of the stars in attendance was VERONICA MARS’ Wallace (Percy Daggs III). Percy let it spill that there are big plans in the works for Wallace this season, “I definitely know that, in the big mystery for this season, I will be heavily involved,” Percy continued, “I’m looking forward to being the person that Veronica calls for a clue, It’ll be a big change from first season, when the only thing I had to do was, like, pull files.”

Of course with only a 13 episode commitment, Percy knows that his big part in season 3 may not even make it through the entire season. Daggs said “Veronica’s” normally confident creator, Rob Thomas, is on pins and needles these days, but that’s OK. “Before, we kind of felt like the big fish in a small pond, in terms of critical acclaim, if not ratings,” he said. But, he added, “This is the kind of pressure I like. … Everybody feels thirsty. It’s that same thirst we felt when our pilot got picked up. And that pressure is good because it keeps us from getting complacent.”

Thanks to SeattlePI for the tip.

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  • Jenny

    13 episode commitment? I’m guessing it means for him, cause VM itself was renewed for 22 eps…

  • Common Sense

    No, I’m pretty sure the CW backed off that initial 22-eps. speculation, and that the 13-eps. commitment can be expanded if the ratings are okay.

    My feeling? The network has given several shows only a 13-eps. order, and has really handcuffed itself with a lack of product. If Runaway bombs, for instance (as nearly everything besides Everwood has done on Mondays), and both 7th and VM expire after 3 months…and Hidden Palms is as poor as early reviews…what then? I’d be lining up a boatload of backup shows, if I were TPTB. And again, where will they find anything that’s half the quality of EW? That decision will haunt them for years, count on it.

  • I didn’t steal your headline but I did link to you on my site for this story. God knows I love me some VM. Common Sense is right, they gave VM a 13 ep order wtih the possibility (and guarantee if you ask me) of 22.