Thanks Aaron

Without Aaron Spelling, would not exist. My slight obsession with television began with Beverly Hills 90210. From 90210, I slowly got hooked on Melrose Place, which led to Models Inc, which led to…. well you get the idea.

Aaron Spelling, 83, passed away on Friday, after suffering a stroke on June 18. Throughout his illustrious career, Spelling was best known for producing sexy, glamourous and escapist entertainment. In fact, through the 60’s, he produced so many hits for ABC, the press dubbed it ‘Aaron’s Broadcasting Company.’

Sure his shows weren’t critically praised, in fact a Washington Post columnist once wrote, “There is good and there is bad Spelling, but there is never great Spelling, only degrees of terribleness.”

The truth is, when it came to Spelling, critical acclaim never mattered. His shows were pure escapism. In my ‘younger days’, I used to sit on the phone with a friend, watching 90210, discussing major ‘Oh My God’ moments only during commercials. Donna Martin Graduate, Kimberly taking off her wig, Tony being shot – lying in Dylan’s arms. With a Spelling show you never knew what would happen next. The only thing you could count on was major plot twists, beautiful people, fun locales, and entertaining stories. In his own words, Spelling put it best:

“We often have to make the choice between 150 critics and 150 million Americans out there, and I have always felt that my job was to please [the viewers]. To entertain them.”

Aaron, thanks for the entertainment. You’ll be sorely missed.

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  • Jenny

    Great post! I voted in the poll for 90210, but it was close between that & Charmed. lol I didn’t realize he’d done Charmed, too. 🙁