Thoughts from a new FIREFLY fan

For Summer 2006, I set numerous ‘important’ goals. One of them was to finally discover what all the fuss was about, and watch the FIREFLY series (and movie) on DVD (Yes, I set really important goals!). Thanks to a recent gift from ‘Gal Pal Ariel’, I was able to catch the first five episodes of the series. So far I’m really enjoying the series. While I’m finding it an odd mix of science-fiction, western, action and humour, it’s one I’m enjoying. Some observations on the first five episodes:

Jayne: So far, whenever he is on screen, I can’t think stop thinking of Jonny Drama starring in ‘Viking Quest’. If you have no idea as to what I’m talking about, check out ENTOURAGE!

The Shepherd: After five episodes, I can’t figure out what the point of this character is. I’m hoping he plays more prominence in future episodes, as so far he’s been pretty useless.

Captain Mal: I’m loving his witty sense of humour. He always gets my favourite line of the show. My favourite Mal moment so far is when he was instructing a ‘Bad Guy’ to take back the money to his boss and tell him we’re even. The ‘Bad Guy’ says he will never do that, so Mal kills him. He then starts saying the exact same thing to the next guy in command who quickly agrees to follow Mal’s instructions. The scene was really funny and unlike anything I’ve ever seen in the sci-fi world.

Zoe: I love having Anna Espinosa on the show!

Kaylee: A little to cutesy, but adorable non-the-less. Kaylee is an interesting change from the standard overbearing male engineer we’re use to seeing on Star Trek.

I look forward to watching the rest of the series, and am curious as to how the show ‘ends’ with the SERENITY movie.

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  • What? No thoughts on Wash? I can never pick a favorite on that show since I love all the characters so much.

  • Dana

    Firefly is pure Whedon magic!! I can never get enough of Wash, Zoe, Jane, Mal, Shepard, Inara, Kaylee, Simon, and River. It gets better and better and I’m sad that it never got a real shot.

  • Wash is great as well. So far though I feel I haven’t seen a ‘Wash-centric’ episode to comment on.

  • Kaylee is my least favorite, even after Serenity, I still felt she was the weakest link!

    Wash is amazing! I love me some Wash and I truly adore Jayne!

    I put up my little Serenity Now/Equality Now recap from this weekends charity screenings over on my site if you want to read it.

  • Jampuppy

    I LOVE the Firefly episode, which I too was only just introduced to. I watched the entire DVD set and the Serenity movie in a week (and I do have a life)! I can’t say that any one character is my least or most favourite; I think Joss Whedon and cast wove the perfect tapestry. I’m still dreaming of a come-back of Firefly… and if they could magically revive the lost crew members… Well it is fiction, after all.