A new member of the ENTOURAGE?

The inevitable plot device finally happened in last night’s ENTOURAGE. An ‘old friend’ from Vince’s ‘old neighbourhood’ finally popped by. And much to the chagrin of this TV Addict, the old friend was Dom, a recently paroled, manipulative, bully who does not fit in at all with the Hollywood foursome we’ve come to know and love. My only questions are how many episodes will it be until Dom lands Vince on the cover of the Enquirer (or on defamer.com) and how will our gang of four boot Dom back to the east coast?

Final thought. I ‘loved’ how the episode ended with our gang on a ‘roller coaster’. I wonder what ‘brilliant’ writer thought of that metaphor? I wonder if Dom’s arrival means that the Entourage is in for a ‘bumpy’ or ‘rollercoasteresque’ ride! That said, I love the show, I only wish it was an hour. Someone should start a petition!

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  • Agreed, and Prison or Not, it’s NEVER okay to walk naked into someone’s kitchen first thing in the morning!

  • Brynhildur

    I really really really really hope Dom doesn’t stay for long

  • Tim

    Agree with everyone else. If this is what happens when Entourage gets an extended 20 ep season, I would rather them just go back to 10-12 eps.

  • He’s there for a reason. I say we just stick it out and watch. E was right, the timing is a little suspect.

    Is it just me, or does anyone want a Ari/Lloyd spin-off?