Chappelle Returns: The Lost Episodes

THE CHAPPELLE SHOW, minus its star Dave Chappelle is making a return to Comedy Central starting July 9. The NY POST recently got a peek at the new Dave Chappelle show, currently dubbed “The Lost Episodes”.

Clearly, the big money (approx. 50 million) had a huge effect on Chappelle himself. According to the NY POST, two of the first four sketches revolve around money and how his relationships changed after his enormous payday.

Crazy trips to Africa aside, Chappelle is a genius, and if you’ve seen the first two seasons of the CHAPPELLE SHOW, or listened to his stand up, you’ll quickly realize funny the man is. I jumped on the Chappelle bandwagon a bit late, but I’ll never forget rolling on the floor laughing after watching the first clip (below). It may not be as ‘famous’ as his ‘Rick James’ bit, but it’s just so TRUE.

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