America’s Got Talent: Sydney ‘The Kid’

This may surprise long time readers of this site, but I’m actually going to take a moment and talk about (no, not THE VIEW), rather REALITY TV. Generally I’m not a huge fan of Reality TV. With the exception of season 1-3 of Survivor and Season 1 of the Apprentice, I find Reality TV unoriginal and contrived. That said, you have to check out this clip from AMERICA’S GOT TALENT. Syd ‘The Kid’ is an eight year old comedian. Let me say this, there is no way this kid is writing her material. But it’s a short, and really funny clip (worth procrastonating from work for two minutes!) So take a look, and prepare to laugh.

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  • I loved Syd the Kid! She’s hilarious!

  • See, I am turing into a shrew of a man on this site but I have to say that the only thing I hate worse than Mariah, Hilary Duff, Britney Spears, and Jennifer Aniston are children. Child Actors especially. And now a new category of disgust for ducky, Child Comedians… run and play on the 101 little kid…

  • That’s why this is so funny. I mean this kid is totally coached by her manager (ummm.. i mean mom) who is hoping to ride Syd the Kid to the top (of a giant pile of money!). I love American stage Moms!

  • I really like this kid she can halla at her girl…E-A

  • Taylor

    i am 12. syd the kid ain’t that good. she ain’t got talent. anybody can think of that sort of stuff.i hope she don’t make to the finals.

  • Does anyone know what happened to her? She had the audience and the judges laughing their heads off and then she didn’t make it into the Semifinals??? That’s especially insulting when some pretty dumb acts made it through (like the juggler that dropped his props). I wanted to see a follow up act!