Save EVERWOOD Update

I recently received an update from the folks at the SAVE EVERWOOD Project. To date, dedicated EVERWOOD fans have raised $9645.99… actually, make that $9745.99 as has just sent $100 to the project. Thanks to everyone who purchased my original SAVE EVERWOOD, FOREVERWOOD, and I WISH I LIVED IN EVERWOOD swag from theTVaddict Swag Shop. Time is almost running out to donate, Breanne from the campaign writes:

If you plan to donate, please do it now because time is running out quickly!!! Locations and dates have been picked, but are unable to be released. So, dig deep! Let’s make this Ferris Wheel Event something they’ll never forget!

Be sure to check out my latest EVERWOOD inspired design.

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  • Daniel, $100? Boy that check for my AIDS Ride better be good!

  • Wil

    That $100 would be the money that the Everwood fans raised by purchasing Daniel’s Everwood swag.

  • Dan – a donation has been made from It wasn’t quite at the Everwoodian level, but I figure every dollar helps! Good luck with the ride!

  • Wil, I just like giving Daniel the hardest time ever with this Ferris Wheel Campaign. I don’t care what people spend their money on but I like to also point out that its a frivelous endeavor this here Ferris Wheel to Dawn Ostroff’s house thing. I tried raising money for a poop-bombing campaign at her house instead but noone took offers.

    And of course I worship and love you Daniel for donating no matter how much to my AIDS Ride! Thank you so much and also thank you to your readers because I see that a couple have popped on over from here! Thank you all! Now feel free to Ferris Wheel away!

  • Do I lose donation money in the currency conversion? HAHA!

  • If I donate more, will you do the bike ride with either

    a) a piece of ‘wood’ tied to your back.
    b) a ferris wheel attached to your bike.
    c) both of the above!