THE VIEW Controversy Continues…

Did I ever think I’d be spending so much time blogging about THE VIEW? Certainly not. But the sad truth is, with rerun season in full swing, THE VIEW’S backstage catfights, antics, and PR stunts are the most exciting thing on and off TV.

It was inevitable, with the Queen of Nice [Rosie] returning to TV – the VIEW’s stage wasn’t big enough for the two of them. Thus, Star Jones announced the inevitable on today’s show, that she’s be leaving the gabfest she helped start nine seasons ago. Of course the story doesn’t end there. Apparently, Star feels she was fired from her gig. In fact, she told PEOPLE today “I feel like I was fired.”

Star’s interview with PEOPLE is the first in what will no doubt be an entertaining catfight played out in the media spotlight. Barbara Walters defended the show in an interview with the NEW YORK TIMES. “They had done a great deal of research, and her negatives were rising, Not so much because of what she did on the air. It was things she did off the air. The audience was losing trust in her. They didn’t believe some of the things she said.”

Who knew THE VIEW was so entertaining? This TV addict will certainly be watching in September. Of course, the show would have been way more entertaining with Star AND Rosie sharing the stage!

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  • Dodgen

    I think that the show will unfortunately not last long with Rosie. She has too many “personal” views that I believe are not good for the show and the people who watch it. Yes, I know we hear the views on topics they discuss but, she is very one sided and doesn’t seem to be open minded when addressed about opposite views of disscussion. I saw her on The View about a year ago as a guest and she was very rude and pushy on what her thoughts were… she insulted people. I will never watch it again with her being a host on the show.

  • I have to disagree. Rosie is smart, and will not sink the show. She also has a very close relationship with Barbara Walters and will not want to blow up the show. She will be opinionated, but she knows this isn’t the ‘Rosie show’. She’ll let everyone have their say and voice their opinion.

  • Jules

    I think that Barbara is a total diva! I think she’s arrogant and proud and that she thinks people should bow down to her. I think that losing Merideth will ultimately hurt them and that Star was a great personality, even though in her last few episodes she appeared to have a chip on her shoulder. Now we all know why. I don’t think Barbara is easy to work with, and I think the other women all walk on eggshells.

  • Kevin

    Rosie Rocks. Beware being informed neocons.

  • I have now found new controversy arise in the show. Although it is halarious, I found it a bit schocking the full blown out cat fights these women alow themselves to do. It is a bit demining and give women these views of themselves of cattiness and abnormal arguments. However I must not lie the argument between Rosie and Elizabeth was one of the most entertaining things that I have seen for a long time. And some part of me agrees Rosie; she did not want to begin an argumen twith Elizabeth because of the horrid thigns the tabloids would say. However not knowing she was offending Elizabeth by underestamating her mental strength. If these kinds of cat fights are promised on teh view I will keep watching.

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