Prison Break Season 2 Spoilers

[SPOILER ALERT] Some photos have surfaced online from the set of PRISON BREAK (currently filming season 2 in Texas). While I could post some photos of everybody’s favourite Excaped Convict – Wentworth Miller, I think the pic I choose is far more interesting. What’s this? Sara (Dr. Tancredi) getting make-up applied? Could this mean our favourite Doctor survived last season’s shocking finale? Is this a flashback? Only time will tell. Needless to say, this TV addict will be tuned into the August 21 premiere.

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  • Kate Mayer

    I read somewhere that the three women on the show represent something for the show. Doc: Love Vice Prez: evil and Veronica: Law so I knew they couldn’t get rid of the Doc just yet.

  • Rugaaju Joseph


    This is to express my whole Hearted satisfaction i experienced when i watched Prison break season one ! I can’t immagin what joy i went through. the movie, ohh my God ! It was awesome. So wonderful. Michael’s inteligence; wow.

    Am waiting for the second one with alot of eager.

    Many thanks.