theTVaddict Rewind: TINY TOONS

How much do I miss TINY TOONS? Every day at 4pm I remember running home from school to catch TINY TOONS. The smarts of Bugs & Babs, the ego of Daffy, the animal crazyness of Elmira, Taz, Max, each and every character was brilliantly written. The show was so much more than a kids cartoon. For a trip down nostalgia lane, check out the opening theme below. (How much am I LOVING lately?!)

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  • That’s so awesome! I really miss Tiny Toons as well. Sad. I also really enjoyed Animaniacs (“it’s time for Animaniacs..”). I used to rush home to catch both shows. Thanks for the fun trip down memory lane!

  • Em

    There’s also a Spanish version – double the fun! 🙂