NBC Fall Preview Clips

Have you been dying for that first look at some of NBC’s most exciting fall shows? Are you crouched in the fetal position, anxiously awaiting the fall season to start? Well here are some clips to hold you over.

Check out the 6 minute UpFront Preview of one of the TV addict’s most anticipated shows – the Sorkin penned, Matthew Perry vehicle, STUDIO 60 ON THE SUNSET STRIP. [click here]

Clips of NBC’s fall shows are now available online at nbcfirstlook.com. There are great clips of STUDIO 60, 30 ROCK, HEROES and more.

While this isn’t actually a ‘preview’, head on over to ew.com to check out a really funny video of THE OFFICE’S Dwight (Rainn Wilson) as he takes part in a hysterical EW photo shoot

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  • I think 30 Rock looks like it could be really great!

  • Yeah, I Love Tina Fey. But I can’t deny, STUDIO 60 & HEROES are two of my most anticipated shows this fall.

  • HEROES will be a huge hit if the trailer is any indication. Check out http://www.heroes-tv.com for more details and downloads. This show will rock!