Ba-Bye DOM

Tonight’s ENTOURAGE was not great, definitely the seasons worst episode. Some quick observations:

Why are the episodes so short. I was under the impression that this was HBO (not ‘regular’ TV). Isn’t ENTOURAGE supposed to be 30 minutes. Not the patheticly short 24 minutes we’ve been getting each week.

While I’m thrilled Dom is gone. I’m surprised his story was wrapped up in a mere two episodes. I’m curious if he’ll make a return this season. Random fact: I myself was relegated to the ‘Oakwood Apartments’ this winter! No, I didn’t see Dom and his Hummer.

Was the song that played over the closing credits a tease of things to come. I wonder if it was Saigon’s new hit single. Those of you may remember that Turtle discovered Saigon last season.

Since I’m in the midst of watching FIREFLY on DVD, I can’t help but think of how much Jayne reminds me of Drama!

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  • Palumbo

    I can’t wait until HBO posts the music credits for this episode so I can find out where I can get the song played over the closing credits!

    And I’m also glad the character of Dom is gone. He was a real disruption to the chemistry between all of the guys. It was that balance of personalities that made me watch the show in the first place.

    Maybe they threw in Dom to remind people why they watch the show to begin with.

  • mak

    The 4th Episode was IMO much better than the episode last week.