Hooked on FIREFLY

With the recent addition of FIREFLY to my DVD library (thanks gal pal Ariel), it was inevitable that I’d become hooked on yet another cult TV show. Yet after watching the first disc of the series, I wasn’t convinced I’d become obsessed with yet another sci-fi series (this was no Battlestar Galactica). What was the big deal with this show? Sure the show was well put together, with a likeable cast, witty writing and some interesting stories. But did this show really warrant a fandom so dedicated that it inspired legions of websites, browncoats so powerful that they actually convinced a studio to make a movie? Clearly I didn’t ‘get it’. But I stuck it out, as I’m one to do (see: Smallville), hoping the show would fulfill the potential I’ve heard so much about.

So fast forward a week later, I’m officially hooked and LOVING FIREFLY! Just point me to the nearest recruitment office, and I’m so joining the browncoats. I just watched string of episodes, starting with ‘Our Mrs. Reynolds’ and ending with ‘Out of Gas’. I think what hooked me was Saffron (Mal’s ‘wife’). I just didn’t see it coming. I loved the episode and was completely surprised with the ending. I can’t wait for Saffron’s return (yes, I read the DVD synopsis’ on the back of the box!)

The only downside to FIREFLY is that I know it ends! I have so many questions, and I’m curious if any of them are going to be answered by the time the 13 episodes and movie (aptly titled SERENITY) is finished.

What’s the deal with the Shepherd. He knows way too much about military history and tactics to just be a Sheperd.

What was Inara running from? Why did she really end up on Serenity?

What exactly is wrong with River, what did the Alliance do to her?

Will Simon and Kaylee ever hook up?

What’s the deal with the foreign (Asian?) writing and language. There is obviously some symbolism there.

Will we ever actually meet a Reaver? Are there any nice ones?

Regardless of the questions up in the air, I’m loving the series and looking forward to watching the rest of the series, as well as the movie. Too bad I didn’t catch on sooner, no doubt my viewership when the series was actually on TV may have helped just a bit! Every eyeball counts! Damn you FOX! You took ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT away from me, and now this!

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  • Allison

    I just hooked my dad on Firefly, who was reluctant to watch, but I got him by “Out of Gas.” I forgot how much I loved “Jaynestown.” Now, my cell phone ring is “The Hero of Canton.” I don’t know what Fox was thinking letting this show slip away, but Fox is known for that. I’m just glad “The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.” are finally coming out on DVD.

  • What’s the deal with the foreign (Asian?) writing and language. There is obviously some symbolism there.
    – As I understand it, the basic premise is that civilization has collapsed on Earth, leaving a mish-mash of what’s left. Take New York for example, where there is a large cultural mix, and you’ll see similar adoptions of foriegn culture into the mainstream. “Oy Vey”, “Fuggedaboutit”, etc. I think the point is to drive home that they’re in the future and civilization IS different, tho not really.

  • thanks for the info! I’m halfway through the series on DVD, and am looking forward to finishing the series and seeing the movie!