Kyle XY Review

Sure the initial premise is cool: good looking teen wakes up in the forest with no clothes and no recollection of who he is and how he got there. Yet because it’s an ABC Family show, that’s pretty much where the coolness factor ends. KYLE XY revolves around Kyle, a young man who may or may not be an alien (he has no belly button!). Within the first hour, Kyle is taken from a juvenile detention centre and adopted by a workaholic child psychologist, her supporting husband and meddlesome two kids. No doubt conflict, romance and hilarity will ensue as Kyle adjusts to his new life with his new family.

The premiere episode does a great job of laying the groundwork for the first season. It introduces us to our main characters, and hints at what could be an interesting X-Files-like mythology. We discover that Kyle is an off the charts genius. And more importantly, a love triangle between two girls is not-so-subtlety set up with Kyle. The show has potential as a fun summer series (as fankly, there isn’t much else on). But considering the fact it’s target audience is 10-15 year olds, the show will no doubt end up being a dumbed down version of the X-Files (with a bit of Degrassi mixed in). Sadly, this TV addict will continue watching to find out the truth about KYLE XY! (again, he HAS NO BELLY BUTTON!)

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  • kelleh

    when and where is it on?

  • Kyle XY can be seen on ABC FAMILY, Mondays at 8pm (eastern standard time). The show has been repeating on ABC at 9pm on Fridays, not sure how long that will last though.



  • Have you visited Adds a whole new dimension to the show.

  • I like the show they are good ! You need to make shows like that all the time. And kayla says keep up the good work and dont stop. Thanks for maken the show !!!

  • Kevin

    From what I’ve seen Kyle is Adam from the Bible. He has no belly button (Adam and Eve wouldn’t have one. They were not born as a baby). In the first episode Kyle tries to scare a police officer by remembering how the snake tried to scare him. He then hisses like a snake. According to the doctor Kyle’s teeth look brand new yet he’s never brushed his teeth. That’s my take on it. It’s my favorite show on T.V.

  • Kennedie

    i think its a relly good show and i love it and i think kyle is hot 🙂 😛 (i know that seems relly weird)

  • HS70

    Hi tvaddict. I know you are like a tv show critic, but your opinion is not everybodies opinion.
    If you think it sucks good for you, I respect your opinion. I like it and I think it’s something different. Looks like x-files?? well may be and who cares it’s television. and what about all the sitcoms, what they do? make people laugh. all of them do the same. and yet they keep making them. Thank you for your time and have a wonderfull week

  • waz up

    well I agree with those of you who think kyle is the new adam. but did you think that he was a
    recreation of the dead person in the forest even if he isn’t I bet he’s related to that person some how. Anyway… I love the show it ROCKS!

  • Ben

    This is the second-worst show I’ve ever seen. It’s only surpassed by the Gilmore Girls. I tried to review this show, and half way through the review I lost the will to continue. I summed up the stupidity in bulletpoints.

    Feel free to stop by and post any redeeming qualities about the show on my blog. I really struggled to find any. I did enjoy referring to the daughter on the show as a uglier, fatter, and somehow sluttier rizzo (stockard channing) from Grease.

    The only reason this show is watchable is because of the “it’s so bad, it’s good” factor. Sorta like watching Chevy Chase’s and Magic Johnson’s talk shows.

  • Does anyone happen to know what the name of the song is that is playing at the beginning of Episode 4 (Diving In) when kyle is in the pool and Amanda is swimming towards him and then he wakes up in his bathtub??? Some lyrics to it are:
    try to get back to the way we were.
    tie her up and keep her from the world
    sometimes you have everything
    and sometimes you let things go bad

    It is driving me crazy that I can’t find this song after countless searches using the lyrics and looking thru Kyle XY websites.

  • I_love_MaTT_DALLAS

    i love KYLE XY and it is definatly the best show to ever be created and i love matt dallas who plays KYLE he is an amazing actor and i worship him

  • I_love_MaTT_DALLAS

    and BEN ur an ***

  • Does anyone know the song from episode 4 “diving in”?

    if you do please reply to this message

    i cant find the song

  • Dave

    Kyle XY is a wonderful show and I’m not a teenager. If I were still teaching, I’d actually enjoy showing some of the episodes in class for discussion. The episodes on lying vs the truth, on teens and sex, and the last one on Kyle’s first experience in high school are excellent. I can’t wait for Monday’s episode. I watch Kyle every week with my grandson who also thoroughly enjoys it.

  • Teresa

    Another 49+ non-teen here. Kyle XY is an awesome show. Welcome back Superheroes! We’ve missed you! Please ignore the facially punctured, tongue pireced, multiple tattooed goth crowd…if it’s not dark, it’s not worthwhile to them.
    Plenty of people crave the light and Kyle shines shines shines!

  • Katherine

    Alot of people who arent “10 to 15” watch this show.

  • Sue

    I’m 50 plus and love this show… helps you see life, situations, people in a new and different way…. makes you want to become a better person.

  • Patti Jo

    This answer is for calybug. You asked about the song at the beginning of “Diving In”. My dear friend Angelina has a wonderful website with tons of info you can’t get ANYwhere else on the net (it seems):

    The song at the beginning (where Kyle experiences his first dream) is from a band by the name of: Vanlustbader and the song is called: “When Good Things Go Bad”. You can download all the songs to your heart’s content. Please be sure to let her know how much you appreciate her hard work gathering and maintaining all the info in one spot. People from the network (and representing Kyle XY) also have commented on her thoroughness – she gives credit to Chris Mollere. Good job Angelina!

  • the seasons 1 interesting…im waiting for the others seasons…..

    hope with the new idea and more advanture….

  • Soraya

    I’m 48 and a major sci fi fan. The show is well done. Yes the target audience is young-ish, but the themes are universal (honesty, fairness, loyalty, etc.). There is a mystery but there is also an element of danger. And seeing how J.K. Rowling has made it almost a requirement that youthful characters mature, the Kyle character has matured with each episode.

    While there’s always room for improvement, this is really quite promising. I am looking forward to the second season.

  • Liz

    I just saw the first episode and it was so much better than I was expecting. The show is actually very cute and (occasionally) clever. I watched it with my dad (50+) and I’m 21, and we both liked it a lot and are going to watch the rest of the series.

    The one bad thing: Kyle is almost freakishly pretty. He ends up doing a good job anyway.

  • Sapphire

    Does Anyone Know the song that’s playing at the end of the episode where they were at the charity event and jessi & kyle were outside talking.. some of the lyrics say:

    If my heart breaks.
    Would you pick it up
    & put it in your pocket?
    write back!

  • Caroline

    Well i am one of the many fans who think the show is awesome!…. its one of those teen/family tv shows that are waaaayyy hard to come by these days and i recon Matt Dallas a.k.a the incredibly good looking guy acting us Kyle in Kyle XY is such a great actor……. To be able to act the way he has in the amazing eps i’ve watched so far i give him full props as well as Jessi and the other main characters the show is just way brilliant….hope it keeps going 🙂