90210 Finally Gets Good!

We finally reached the end of BEVERLY HILLS 90210’s first season. Why is this such good news? Firstly, we get rid of the generic (and awful) first season credits. Season 2 (or the summer season as it may be known as) brings us the infamous ‘blue headshots’ that most 90210 fans remember fondly. Most importantly though, the show shifts focus from the cheesy after-school special antics of the Walsh twins (Brenda learns to drive! Brandon works at the school paper!), and becomes the 90210 we remember and love. The adventures officially begin! Brenda and Dylan run off to Tijuana (Mr. Walsh goes nuts!), Brenda’s pregnancy scare, Dylan deals with his crazy mom and Dad, David and Kelly’s mom hook-up! I’m way too excited for the summer season!

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  • Jennifer

    In my opinion these are the best years of 90210, once they go off to college its all downhill. Not to say that I didn’t watch evey episode of the whole series, b/c I did. It’s just that starting with the summer season the show had a fantatisc couple of years