theTVaddict’s EMMY analysis

THE GOOD: theTVaddict is thrilled that the WEST WING was recognized for a fantastic final season. SCRUBS and ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT received much deserved Best Comedy Nods – afterall, they are the two best comedies on TV. A close second of course is THE OFFICE, which received a nomination for best comedy and a best lead actor nod for STEVE CARELL. Finally Will Arnett received a long overdue Supporting Actor Nomination for his brilliant portrayal of GOB on ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT (A moment of silence for the most original show on Television). DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES received a much deserved zero major nominations. Let’s hope it’s a wake up call for the writers to actually come up with a good mystery for season 3. Finally, LISA KUDROW got recognized for the underrated comedy gem THE COMEBACK. Kudrow was amazing as Valerie Cherish, and she definitely deserved to be nominated.

THE BAD: Yet again the little netlets that could were ignored. EVEROOD, VERONICA MARS, GILMORE GIRLS, EVERYBODY HATES CHRIS were completely shut out. Naturally I’m not surprised, but this just proves that yet again the EMMY VOTERS don’t watch TV. BATTLESTAR GALACTICA was ignored. Again, expected. But seriously, this show is far more then a sci-fi show. It definitely deserved a best drama nod.

THE UGLY: TWO AND A HALF MEN, seriously! I’m sorry, I don’t get the appeal of this generic, formulaic CBS laugher. The only thing that’s funny about CHARLIE SHEEN is his personal life. STOCKARD CHANNING for OUT OF PRACTICE? Again, I realize the Emmy Voters are completely obsessed with Mrs. Channing, but awarding her for a show nobody watched…. again… get with the program Emmy Voters. Continuing on the CBS Front, how Doogie, I mean NEAL PATRICK HARRIS didn’t receive a Best Supporting Actor nomination is insane. Nobody steals the scene, or the show for that matter like Barney.

That’s all for now, be sure to check back in the coming week for further Emmy Analysis.

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  • Common Sense

    Most of your points are dead-on, but regarding Doogie & How I Met Your Mother: this show is overrated, NOT funny…even boring. Love the actors, can’t stomach the non-comedy. The whole “Haaaaavvee you met _________??” got old after the first time.

    Stockard Channing’s acting does make me laugh, but unfortunately it’s usually because her acting is so funny/bad. She’s wooden, too aware of the cameras, and acts like she’s on Broadway.

    The Emmys truly need a new category for DRAMEDY…because trying to pigeonhole shows like Gilmore Girls and Desperate Housewives into either comedy OR drama categories isn’t working. They have plenty of both elements. Hollywood types should recognize this before us “common folk,” so why hasn’t it been done? The Grammys have certainly expanded for, say, Rap and Heavy Metal, etc… Why can’t the TV industry realize a revision of their tired, old categories is in order?

  • Honestly, I didn’t get into HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER right away. It was a bit slow. But I caught on near the end of the season and really started to enjoy the show. Also, Barney is the funniest character on TV.

  • Common Sense

    Funniest on TV? Gotta differ with ya there. Here’s a list, off the top of my head, of people who make me laugh much more than Barney:

    * Carrie on King of Queens (Queen of Mean)
    * Arthur on King of Queens (a comic jewel)
    * Michael on The Office
    * Stanley, Ryan, Creed…anyone on The Office
    * For pete’s sake, Stockard Channing
    * Homer Simpson

    Hmmm, just realized that, without Arrested Development, the state of TV sitcoms may be in trouble. No wonder I watch so many shows in syndication these days.

  • All good characters, except for Arthur on K of Q…. a little Arthur goes a long way!

  • Sam

    I’m first and foremost upset that Lost didn’t get any good nominations this year (how does Henry Ian Cusack get nominated for appearing in like four episodes?) I’m also peeved that Veronica Mars and Everybody Hates Chris isn’t on the list. The only thing I like about the list is anything relating to a Grey’s Anatomy nod or 24. The Emmy’s suck this year. Why don’t we get to vote?

  • Jennifer

    Did the new system for nominating just not work completely or what? It seems like so many shows and actors were left out and mediocre ones put in. This is supposed to be a recognition of excellence in television and I’m just not seeing it.